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  1. IAS2000

    Directx camera world positions

    Thank you so much. I was looking for this.
  2. IAS2000

    Directx camera world positions

    Thank you for replying. But to what should I apply the camera matrix?(what should I multiply with the camera matrix to get the positions of 8 vertices) Camera's position? but it doesn't give 8 vectors.
  3. Hi guys. I'm trying to move my shadow map with the camera. I need world positions of camera frustum points to implement this. How can I calculate the world positions of 8 camera frustum vertices?
  4. Thanks guys. I will check it out.
  5. Hi. It's not hard to learn OpenGL. Trust me when I was beginning in graphics programming I thought OpenGL is really hard judging by the codes online. Yeah it might be little hard to draw you first triangle but the rest is easy. I started learning graphics about a year ago. I could make a simple 2D game engine in 2 months. Here is my simple 2D game engine I made 7-8 months ago. I highly recommend you to check learnopengl.com that's how I learned. Wish you all the best.
  6. Hi. I have successfully implemented shadow mapping in directx 11. Only directional light shadows though. My problem is my current shadow viewproj matrix doesn't cover entire world. If I make it large shadow quality will drop. I need to move my viewproj matrix with camera. I tried translating matrix to my camera pos but it doesn't work. I searched online and found something about calculating viewproj matrix from current camera projection matrix but I didn't found enough resources to fully understand it. Can someone explain me? I will really appreciate it. Thank you for you time.
  7. I have successfully loaded and rendered a model into directx using assimp and now I want animate my character. How can I animate my character using assimp?   I found this tutorial : http://ogldev.atspace.co.uk/www/tutorial38/tutorial38.html but it uses opengl's ability to buffer data to the vertex buffer from more than one buffer(or one struct). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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