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  1. Hello! I am working on an interesting game engine designed for Interactive Fiction games. Inspired heavily by TADS3, this engine will provide all the tools you need to easily construct whatever game you desire! The language is an interpreted language, and it will require a special program to run, which will be sold on steam (for a low price, prob $2.99) eventually. So far, I've coded everything in a C# winforms application, and it is working rather well. If you are interested in helping out, please watch the video bellow. It contains information on how to contact me, as I don't check this forum often.  
  2. Hey Ahrakeen, contact me on Discord. You can see my discord number in this video, as well as information about the project I'm working on. Its in C#.  
  3. Ramaraunt

    SCIENCE (biatch!) for Big Games! (part 2)

    I made a galaxy before, but nothing like this!
  4. Ramaraunt

    Wicked Engine

  5. I'm working on an open source game engine in OpenGL, and I'm looking for people who are willing to help out! I need individuals with any level of coding knowledge. If you don't have the skills required, I will show you the way to becoming an expert. If you would like to read more about the project, please look here:
  6. Ramaraunt

    Car Game (Unnammed)

    First post updated with a video!
  7. Ramaraunt

    Car Game (Unnammed)

    Spike traps!  
  8. Ramaraunt

    Car Game (Unnammed)

    Hello, I have started work on a car game this week, and it is going rather well! I've gotten the car controller out of the way, along with a dynamic camera and a stunt system, where you perform stunts to gain faster speeds. I also just implemented an electrical trap, which will drain power from cars that drive through it. I'm working with a Blender artist named Orka, and he is having a lot of fun designing things like traffic cones, ramps, and traps. This game is well underway, even though its only been a short amount of time. There is even dynamic destruction for the cars! Join in if you want, especially if you want to learn more about coding or modeling. Here is a video! Its pretty basic at the moment, but its moving along nicely like I said! If you are interested in talking, add me on discord, or message me in these forums.
  9. Ramaraunt

    Need help programming car game

    Solved it! The problem was, the model was originally imported really tiny, and it was scaled up 100 times. So the mesh.vertices values were really tiny.   Here is a video of the fixed game!  
  10. Ramaraunt

    Need help programming car game

    So, I tried doing just this: float normalized = ((Vector3.Distance(vertices[x], relativePosition))); And the distance between each vertex and the collision point is .98XXXXXX every single time.
  11. Ramaraunt

    Car Game Needs Name

      I need to name this game something. Someone suggested to me Dancing Buics, but  I think that's copyrighted :D. I'm struggling for a good name for this title.   Its features: Drive your car, and race NPCs. Perform stunts in order to gain points and drive at faster speeds. When airborne, you can flip your car in different directions with the arrow keys. If you hit opponents head on, you can cause damage to their car. If you cause enough damage, you can wipe them out of the playing field. There will be traps all across the racetrack to avoid.
  12. Ramaraunt

    Need help programming car game

    I appreciate the responses!    Here is my fixed up code using what you said void deform(float radius, ContactPoint contactPoint) { Debug.Log("Deform called with radius of " + radius); Vector3 center = gameObject.GetComponent<Rigidbody>().centerOfMass; Vector3 relativePosition = gameObject.transform.InverseTransformPoint(contactPoint.point); for (int x = 0; x < vertices.Count; x ++) { float normalized = (1 - (Vector3.Distance(vertices[x], relativePosition) / radius)); //Debug.Log(Vector3.Distance(vertices[x], relativePosition)); if (normalized > 0) { //time to deform vertices[x] -= vertices[x] * normalized *Random.Range(1, 5); } Debug.Log(normalized); } mesh.SetVertices(vertices); mesh.RecalculateBounds(); mesh.RecalculateNormals(); } Here is the debug log output. Its still weird though.   Why are all the distances for each point equal to about -3?   EDIT: btw, I've got a friend from who is pumping out some nice models. In light of this, I changed the shaders to be more smooth looking. I like it much better.  
  13. Ramaraunt

    Need help programming car game

    A: There will be 100 damage maximum before the car is wasted. The bounding box is about 2 by .4 by .7. B: I want the resolution to be low. Is there a way to make that work? C: Normalized distance? How do you normalize a float? D: Yeah that could be changed.     I'll pm you  a copy of the game.   EDIT: I tried this vertices[x] += Vector3.Normalize(vertices[x] - relativePosition) * Random.Range(-.1f,.1f);  and it does this  
  14. Hey I'm making a space game some time in the distant future, and I made this wiki site:   Feel free to post ideas here! Just looking for interesting things to add to the universe.
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