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  1. First time here. Feedback on vibes?

    Thank you both! I've been told for a while about the postal service comparison, but never heard much of their stuff! Should probably give it a listen. As for the clipping, you're absolutely right, meant to re-record the drums but did it on a bit of a make-pattern, record pattern, turn off drum Machine tip. Foolish, perhaps. Thanks so much!
  2. First time here. Feedback on vibes?

    Guess I named it well at least ?
  3. First time here. Feedback on vibes?

    Haha. Thanks to you both for the feedback. That was the game! It was called rainbow Island. An absolute classic!
  4. I make all my music using mostly hardware, eurorack modular and a bit of Post-processing. It's not chiptune per-se but has some elements of it. Any chance of a quick listen?    Nice to be here!    https://soundcloud.com/aptamusic/rainbowisland/s-WxD6Z
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