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  1.  Hey guys, I was thinking if making a 2D platformer game based upon the same principles that online shooters is possible (I mean, I know it's possible, but would it work?) Thanks. I'm sorry, I mean the same principles online shooters use.
  2. TwigCruncher

    What Setting Do You Think Is Best?

      And the game could be compatible with Prison Architect.  When your prison is full and you don't want to take care of them anymore, you can export the prisoners to a file and then import them into this game!!!   "The Aussie Mod". Modify the original game into a Victorian English prison. Brilliant idea!
  3. TwigCruncher

    What Setting Do You Think Is Best?

    Oops.  {1. Late 1800's in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Romania, etc.)} Scratch that and change it the Communist Revolution of Russia in 1917.
  4.  I merely want your opinion on which setting you think would be best for a stylized 2D side-scrolling fighting game.   1. Late 1800's in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Romania, etc.)  2. The Wild West 3. Native Americans in Eastern America (during the Colonial Days) 4. The Spanish Conquistadors in South America 5. Eastern Asia during the reign of the Khans  6. The colonization of Australia I would love it if you could suggest a setting that you think games tend to overlook. Thanks. 
  5.  Does anybody have any good ideas for puzzles in a 2D platform jumper?
  6. TwigCruncher

    New Game Idea (Open World Action-Adventure RPG)

    Thanks Norman Barrows and every one else who commented. I may have been a little ahead of myself there! I respect your honesty and I'm deeply grateful for it.
  7. TwigCruncher

    New Game Idea (Open World Action-Adventure RPG)

    Swiftcoder, how do you think I could possibly compress all of this into a smaller package? Maybe instead of a dozen maps, only do a few? I already have most of my meshes complete, I am ready to move on to use UE4. And as for animation, I have a huge library of human mo-cap animations ready to use (I do not like animation).    I am open to suggestions.
  8. TwigCruncher

    New Game Idea (Open World Action-Adventure RPG)

     If this post receives 20 replies, then I will continue posting more stuff.           Well, I am going to work on this project on my free time (when I'm not at work or school) and (hopefully) release it by Christmas 2017 for free on multiple platforms
  9.  Hey everyone, I am starting to make a game with UE4 that has the attitude of Just Cause and Red Faction:Guerrilla, the era of Red Dead Redemption and Battlefield 1, the complex adventures of the Elder Scrolls and the mechanics of Assassins Creed.  Freedom's Cry is an open world, action adventure RPG (think of an open world Uncharted game set in the early 1900's) that puts players in the leather shoes of Jozef Dvorak. The game is filled with randomly generated side-quests that will keep players busy for countless hours. As Jozef, you will explore and liberate the land of Nueva Liberia, a huge nation in the north that features towering mountain ranges, massive forests and a wide grassland.  The protagonist, Jozef Dvorak, was a passenger sailing to Manxland (this game is in a fictional world called Paradox) who was abducted and brought to Nueva Liberia. He is saved by a band of Rangers who then bring him to the capitol city, Cloverfield. As you, the player, explore all of the regions, you run into several oppressed citizens who wish to overthrow the Order (an ultra-nationalist socialist government that has banned guns, forbidden foreign trade, stopped immigration, controls the press, education, business, religion and the government).  As for gameplay, you explore more than 10 huge maps that represent a district in Nuevo Liberia. Each map is filled with campaign missions, side-quests, and many collectibles. Even if you don't feel like doing any actual missions, you can harass the Order's troops or members of the anarchic Host. As Dvorak, you will climb and freerun to keep away from the Order's soldiers who will chase you down (using a system like Need For Speed's police chase). You will engage in firefights, sword fights, destroying enemy structures and propaganda (you cannot kill or harm civilians as you will not target innocents), stealth eliminations, and of course, liberating the people of Nuevo Liberia (imagine a child of Assassin's Creed and Just Cause's marriage!)  You traverse the land on foot, saddled on horses, riding on horse-drawn carriages, trains, steamboats, dirigible airships, early forms of aircraft and other interesting vehicles during the early 1900's. Nearly all of the technology of Freedom's Cry is that of the early 1900's (however, since this is Paradox, I would like to give it a REALISTIC steampunk flair, like that of Micheal Moorcock's Nomad of the Time Streams novels).  { I would love some feedback and some questions about my project and the world of Paradox. If you are unfamiliar with any of the titles above, I would suggest you to search for gameplay videos on Youtube. I have a library of concept images that I will post sometime later.}
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