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    Interstellar: The Endless War (pre-Alpha)

    In the distant future human kind has dispersed into the galaxy only to find the pressures of rampant planetary colonization were too much for Earth's citizens. Now Earth and the core worlds are destroyed by internal conflict, while strongmen, prophets, and villains invoke war to gain power for themselves amongst the stars. Build a fleet and wage war to protect your people, restoring peace to what's left of humanity. Features: RTS battle space, with 3D movement but 2D style control (ie StarCraft) for intense competition. Multiplayer battles, earn XP for your crew and capture enemy ships. Single player campaign telling the story of your struggle for survival in "The Endless War" Build a fleet of ships that persist over time. Equip ships with weapons that strike at your enemies weakness. Recruit officers and keep them alive so that their effectiveness grows over multiple battles. Control capital ships, fighter craft, and space stations. Board and capture ships during battle. Lead an invasion force and conquer an enemy planetary colony. Game designed to reward for strategic and tactical skill over tenure or pay-to-win. Use your experience to unlock new ships, weapons, troops, ship components. Currently looking for dedicated team members to create art assets (icons/3d models) and start working on Multiplayer infrastructure code base.
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