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  1. [web] Website-Based Game

    Quote:Original post by C-Junkie If you want to avoid flash and java, but doing html seems a bit restrictive. XUL is very nice, even if mozilla-derivative only. I've thought of learning XUL, as it may be useful later on. Any good tutorial sites you could point to. (PM Please)
  2. [web] Website-Based Game

    I have a idea for something I may do as a kind of "Resume Fodder". I remember the old "Text/Graphics" adventures (Farenhiet 451 come to mind. Well--my idea is called "New Patriot" is would be set in a futuristic America that is in the midst of a revolution. MySql databases would be used for the tables that are common to tabletop RPGs (I may see about picking up a GURPS or D20-type book and kind of "bodge" that), images and character data.
  3. Rage - a main character's trait

    Wasn't this part of Werewolf too?
  4. Programming Language for children

    How about this. 1. javascript to get used to programming and then edit: site given is a known source of spyware and malware. Let's not mess up people's computers eh? -fel [Edited by - felisandria on June 25, 2004 12:28:35 AM]