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  1. I did not profile the code first, that would have been a smart idea. Having said that, this situation has become a curiosity experiment more than anything. I'm familiar with the feedback loop causes by reading and writing to the same attachment, but I figured if I read from one and wrote to another it would be okay... guess not. I suppose the real lesson here is don't do anything that isn't explicitly specified in the spec.
  2. Yup, that's exactly what I was trying to optimize, reducing the switches between bound FBOs. I wasn't sure how much overhead was associated with the bind call and figured I'd just throw together a quick test to benchmark and see if there's any difference. But of course my "quick test" ends up taking way longer than expected and now I'm curious as to whether or not this is even possible. I tried looking at the spec and couldn't find anything on the subject.
  3. Consider the following situation: - We have an FBO with two identical color attachments - Bind shader program 1 and render an object to FBO attachment 0 - Bind the texture on attachment 0 for sampling - Bind shader program 2 and draw a full screen quad. In the fragment shader we sample from the texture on attachment 0 and write it’s value to the texture on attachment 1. Can framebuffer objects be used in this way? The reason why I’m considering this is to reduce the number of FBOs I create. I’m experimenting to see if I can perform all of my rendering passes with a single FBO equipped with multiple attachments. In my current implementation this setup does not seem to work as expected, I'm trying to determine if there's a problem with my implementation or if this is even possible. Any insight would be appreciated!
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