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  1. I'm considering making a 2D game for the PC. Here are the specs for my laptop: OS: Windows 10 Processor: Intel i5 GPU: intel Graphics 620 RAM: 8 GB I'd be the only one working on this game so my scope for testing is limited. Can someone suggest a minimum list of PC configurations I should consider testing the game on to ensure a wide audience has a similar gaming experience?
  2. Kwame Anim-Addo

    Advice for writing good code

    The thing that scares me most is the the aspect of indie game development is providing support for code bugs after releasing a game. I see games that have a boatload of bugs reported on Steam. I'm not willing to put myself in that position. That got me thinking that the best way to minimize the amount of bugs created would be to:  1. Write code that's less likely to break.  2. Bring in as many play testers as possible to before the release. I would also need to have a method to efficiently identify the cause of bugs. I have the following questions: What books can the community recommend for writing efficient code that minimizes potential bugs?  There's a well reviewed one on Amazon, but it's 900 pages. 'Clean Code' was printed poorly according to multiple reviews, so I'm not interested in that one either.  Are there any tools or techniques the development studios use to identify the cause of bugs efficiently? The book Game Programming Patters explained the Command pattern can be used to re-play a game. Would this be feasible to implement in a shipped game by recording commands executed after a save in order to identify the source of potential defects?          
  3. Kwame Anim-Addo

    Realistic expectations for indie game developer

      ^ this ^   For a while the holy grail was get you game on steam but even that is probably not what it used to be. I remember watching the film about indie games and the Super Meat Boy guys were saying most of their sales would come from when they were on the front page of steam after initial release. I get the feel that green light will have broken that now as there is a tsunami of crap on steam now, most indie. So unless you have a unique breakout game it will be hard to rise above the rest      I have some questions as I'm confused about this. What does it actually mean to be on Steam's front page? There's a Featured and Recommended Section, Special Offers, and then they have the new releases and top sellers at the bottom of the page. Am I assuming correctly that having your game on one of those sections people can cycle through without opening another page means you're on the front page?    If your game's not on the front page, what are you're chances of decent sales if you get positive reviews from featured curators?   Are the prospects for indie game sales any better on the Nintendo (Assuming Switch catches on ) or Playstation stores?
  4. Kwame Anim-Addo

    Realistic expectations for indie game developer

      Are the video game bloggers and journalists open to reviewing indie games? I've read an article of an indie developer sending a press releases out, but none of media outlets in the game industry responded. Is there's a bias against indie games or could it be the quality of the game isn't worth the time to review?     Let's take out of consideration games like Dust and The Dishwasher that Microsoft published on XBOX. Those will definitely grab the attention of the media. I'm talking about games released on steam or one of the app stores.
  5. Kwame Anim-Addo

    Realistic expectations for indie game developer

       I have a decent safety net. Assuming I could complete a game withing 1-2 years,I wouldn't be in the desperate situation you see in some indie game postmortems, even if it doesn't sell. 
  6. Kwame Anim-Addo

    Realistic expectations for indie game developer

    Yeah. It would have to be smaller. I don't know if I could work on a game for over two years on my own.   If I did try attempt making a game of the same scope as the ones you mentioned, you think people would be willing to buy games in 'episodes'? By this I mean breaking up a larger game into pieces that could be sold as updates. That way, the time between starting and completing something  would be significantly reduced.
  7. I'm considering becoming a full time indie game developer within the next two years. I plan to perform most of the work myself. I work as a programmer and would likely use Unity to create a 2D side scrolling game. I've  been working on my artistic skills for the last  6 years, so I plan to create the art as well.   The main concern I have is the possibility of getting in over my head.  What I need to know is what's a feasible scope of  game for one person to complete in 12-15 months?  Are their any examples of indie 2D side scrolling  games created by one developer within that time frame?
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