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  1. ika_

    About OpenGL used in games

    The OpenGL version doesn't imply that it is faster or slower, just what features are supported. If you could use those features to get better performance, then it would make it faster, but if it's the same code, then it doesn't matter.
  2. ika_

    Sigma II

    3D game engine that I am working on. It right now has: A map editor OpenGL 1.1 / Vulkan 1.0 rendering Support for FLIF and WEBP images An in-game command line system The engine is written in C and works on both Windows and Linux. However the current version is incompatible with Linux for now, this is temporary.
  3. Please look into actually asking the monitor what resolutions are supported, since your list of resolutions is never going to be exhaustive enough to cover everyone's monitors. It will break when you try and set it to a resolution that the monitor doesn't support, which is very easy to do, and then you will be flooded with complains about how the resolutions are messed up or how you don't support X special snowflake monitor. On Windows this is done using EnumDisplaySettings. On Linux I am not sure, you can look into XRRSizes and XF86VidModeGetAllModeLines to start.
  4. Reddit and all other sites that have similar over-moderation problems like it are really not worth posting on , at least not with any expectations. I have been shadowbanned from other sites and it is bothersome to have such a trick played on you, luckily I had been reading about shadowbanning before it happened to me so I was able to recognize it very quickly. Unfortunately a lot of people are fine with it, and that is probably because they have never had such a thing happen to them yet, so they still have faith in the moderation to delete any kind of post that doesn't blend in. Really there is no point in interacting with reddit for any actual discussions, because of how awful the model of posting they have there is.
  5. ika_

    Rip internet 2017-12-14

    It's uncertain what will happen, but I don't believe that most of the hysteria around the issue is true. From my knowledge the Net Neutrality rules are what prevents the Telecoms from fining media companies like Google and Netflix for using so much infrastructure or something. So, now that they are gone, Google and Netflix and all the other companies that produce internet media will probably lose money because of this. I think that the reason that everyone is so upset about the internet and all the misinfo spread around is a result of the internet media companies collectively lobbying to all internet users to oppose Net Neutrality, this is why on lobbying sites like battleforthenet.com there is a giant page of sponsors- the reason is because they knew that a repeal would cost them a lot of money, so they invested in lobbying efforts like that. Outsourcing the lobbying to the general population, by telling them that the internet will vanish tomorrow, or something terrible like that, is a pretty cheap way of lobbying the government and also attaches political capital to the issue. In the future I do not think that the telecoms will make my internet more expensive- they already have a monopoly, and thus they charge me how much they think I will pay already. They already could have made it more expensive. The real money comes from throttling Netflix and making them pay more money (like how Comcast tried to do in 2014 or something, this was deemed illegal because it violated Net Neutrality). So, maybe things will get worse, maybe they will get better. Both sides are arguing not because they are right, but because they have money on the line. So, I can't say that I will believe Google just because it is a media corporation and is better at spreading it's message than Comcast.
  6. If you look at glTexImage2D's documentation, it notes that texture images can only be stored as "GL_ALPHA, GL_RGB, GL_RGBA, GL_LUMINANCE, and GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA". While other versions of OpenGL do support diffrent internal formats for image data, (The OpenGL 4 documentation specifies internal formats such as GL_R8, which I think is what you would be looking for), OpenGL ES2 does not seem to support this. While compressed internal formats do not seem to be available in base OpenGL ES2, extensions do exist that allow this to be achieved, if you have them. Consider the following: https://www.khronos.org/registry/OpenGL/extensions/OES/OES_required_internalformat.txt https://www.khronos.org/registry/OpenGL/extensions/OES/OES_compressed_ETC1_RGB8_texture.txt Now, I couldn't find any extensions that offer an 8-bit internal format from briefly looking through the list of extensions, that were also compatible with OpenGL ES2. This extension also might be useful, however it is only compatible with OpenGL ES3 and does not give the option to store an 8-bit internal format: https://www.khronos.org/registry/OpenGL/extensions/OES/OES_texture_compression_astc.txt
  7. Hey guys, I recently released my new game, Red Sky, and thought I would share it here.    The game is a FPS made in the same style as mid-90's shooters, although it plays pretty differently. It runs on a custom engine and takes about two hours for an experienced player to get through.    You can watch the trailer here;   And you can download the game here: https://ika.itch.io/redsky   I hope you guys like it! The game engine I wrote for it has the source code available on the download page if anyone wants to check that out.
  8. ika_

    Sigma II

    Album for Sigma II
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