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  1. Hey guys, BadLand Games and Futurlab have confirmed that their sci-fi platformer Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition will release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as a boxed release on June 30. You can see what’s included at the link below. Pre-ordering the game will also get you an exclusive artbook. http://badlandindie.com/velocity-2x-critical-mass-edition/
  2. Hey guys, BadLand Games and Under the Bridge have released their fantasy 2D platformer Illusoria on Steam (Windows only). The game is inspired from ‘90s classics like Heart of Darkness and Flashback and is currently 20% off. http://store.steampowered.com/app/614140/Illusoria/
  3. Hey guys – BadLand Games and Nosebleed Interactive have appointed you as the new CEO of Vostok Inc., their sci-fi twin-stick shooter. We need your help blasting enemies, defeating bosses, and collecting all the money you can to start mining planets, terraforming, and colonizing. Check out Vostok Inc. on Steam Greenlight and give us a vote! We’d also love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the game. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926868092 
  4. Hey guys – BadLand Games and FurutLab’s Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition will be landing on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as a boxed released. To celebrate BadLand Games has announced a new competition for the best photo caption. Visit the competition page for full details and tweet your best captions using the hashtag #Velocity2XCaption. One winner will get some exclusive loot from Futurlab. Good luck! https://gleam.io/JSvEV/win-a-velocity-2x-tshirt-and-poster
  5. Hey guys – I just wanted to share that BadLand Games and Drakhar Studio’s Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is currently 50% off on Steam. The special promotion will be available through this Friday, May 19th. Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is an adventure platformer where players face two main objectives: rescue friends and rebuild a world devastated by the explosion of a mystical crystal. The game includes 3 worlds, 15 levels, 15 hidden bonus levels, and is great for all ages. If you’ve played the game before, I’d love to hear your feedback! http://store.steampowered.com/app/409520/Ginger_Beyond_the_Crystal/
  6. @[member='MKSchmidt'], thanks so much for your feedback. I'll pass this along!  
  7. Hey guys -- BadLand Games and Byte4Games’ twin-stick shooter Demon’s Crystals has landed on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as a digital download. The game includes eight game modes, dozens of weapon options, single player, and local and co-op multiplayer. You can check out the new launch trailer and see pricing and availability here - http://badlandindie.com/demons-crystals/. If you’re on PC Demon’s Crystals is also available on Steam. If you’ve had the opportunity to check out the game I'd love to hear your feedback. 
  8. Hey guys – I jus twanted to share that tomorrow (5/3) we will be live streaming Dazlog Studios' and BadLand Games’ 2D puzzle platformer BOOR and hosting a giveaway for the game. Join us at twitch.tv/novyunlimited at 11AM PT/1PM CT. See more about BOOR here: http://badlandindie.com/boor/
  9. Hey guys – BadLand Games’ Easter Sale is still going strong if you’re looking for something new to play. The sale is up to 50% off across all platforms on games like 8DAYS, Dex, and Heart & Slash. You can find all the details and links to these deals here: http://badlandindie.com/?articles=up-to-50-off-in-the-badland-games-easter-sale
  10. VRex7

    Stitched on Steam Greenlight

    Voted! I love horror games :) 
  11. Hey guys – Badland Games and Byte4Games’ frenetic, twin stick shooter Demon’s Crystals is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 12th. They’ve detailed the Urican Demons and the different game modes in their recent blog. Demon’s Crystals is currently available on Steam, has anyone had a chance to check it out? http://badlandindie.com/?articles=twin-stick-shooter-demons-crystals-releasing-digitally-may-12-on-xbox-one-and-playstation-4
  12. VRex7

    Demo DEX on PS4/XB1

    Hey guys - BadLand Games and Dreadlocks have a free demo of DEX, their side-scrolling RPG, available now to download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new demo includes never seen story elements and enhanced gameplay. Additionally, those who complete the demo are entered for chance to win a selection of digital rewards. Check out the demo here - http://www.drnilesclinic.com/. Would also love to hear any feedback you have on the game!    
  13. Hey guys! BadLand Games and BSK Games’ story driven exploration game, Anoxemia, has released digitally for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game features a sci-fi horror story, 38 levels of underwater terrain, tricky puzzles and more. Check out the new launch trailer! Would love your feedback on the game. Launch Trailer: Xbox One: https://www.microsoft.com/en-GB/store/p/Anoxemia/C11W9R4R5MLP PlayStation 4: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/anoxemia/cid=EP1160-CUSA03452_00-ANOXEMIAPS400000?smcid=nav%3Aps-store%3Ahome
  14. Hey guys! I just wanted to share that Anoxemia, BadLand Games and BSK Games’ 2D adventure game is making its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week! Anoxemia is a story-driven exploration game that puts you in control of the scientist Dr. Bailey and his operations drone, ATMA. Has anyone checked out the game on PC or are you waiting for the console release?  (http://badlandindie.com/anoxemia/)  
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