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  1. v790

    Any idea on this boss mechanism?

    Yes, I think it would be. Please, feel free to PM me wherever you want to have a chat! Bye!
  2. Hello, Unfortunately the problem of catching up a stronger player is a problem which comes up pretty easily. Do you like something like a "negative-feedback" reward system? It's a system where you give more reward to those which are the weakest. In this case you would give more points (necessary to progress the campaign) to the strongest drivers, but more money to the weakest, giving them an advantage for the upcoming races. This should keep things balanced on the long run. Another idea is to make money persistent and upgrades consumable so the player has to choose wisely if/when buy upgrades. Also, making upgrades expensive like TerraSkilll said, you will make the players even more careful over these decisions. Hope you like this. Bye!
  3. v790

    [Prototype] Core Runner

    This is good indeed. I recentrly played Titanfall 2 and one of the things I liked more is the variation the game provides to each level (e.g. in a level you travel to the past and back to the present in order to avoid obstacles, in another you have a power gun to activate various devices). I think this is a powerful mean to avoid boring repetitivity. You can also play with different power ups and enemies in order to provide challenge. I think that maybe a certain enemy is easy to destroy with a certain power up, while in a level without that power up the player will struggle more to destroy the same enemy (for you this means that you can implement less enemies and power ups and provide interesting gameplay mixing these two elements). Let me know if you'll ever need other feedback. Bye!
  4. v790

    [Prototype] Core Runner

    Hello, just tried a couple of levels and I have one question for you. How do I lose? I lost all my reserve cores but the game went on, also tried to lose all the core stability. My opinion is that the gameplay is OK, I like it. I would just add some score system and maybe some progression and/or power ups. Don't lose your motivation and good luck with the game! See ya!
  5. Hi there. I think the "Treasure hunt" mechanic would be a must in a pirate game, and you seem to have many ideas about it. Let's try to add some more answering the question: "Why should someone know where the treasure is?" Because he owns the treasure. So you could obtain this information (or part of it) from the captain or someone in its crew. You could find a map You could follow him until he gets to the treasure You could gain the information defeating them in battle You could pay a spy to obtain this information You could buy it from one of the owner's enemies Please note that each of this solution has a different cost in terms of money (buying costs more than a battle). I think the most important thing here is to keep it various. I mean, you have various kinds of information needed to find the treasure (Port, direction, distance) and you should have various ways to obtain it (more or less risky). This way it'll be more interesting looking for treasures. Hope you find my answer useful. Bye!
  6. v790

    Any idea on this boss mechanism?

    Yes, I was thinking something like: -The boss is weak and puts up the fog -The boss hides (maybe with the aid of obstacles created with the fog, maybe a sort of maze?) -The boss starts to heal itself, but in the process it's very weak -If the player manages to find the boss before it charges its healing, he can deal massive damages This way, the fog mechanism triggers a change of the gameplay, in fact, without fog you have a classical ARPG battle while, when the fog is up, you have a sort of "hide and seek" gameplay. I also like this: which could be used after the boss heals itself and which could also wipe the fog away, returning to the classical ARPG battle. In the end, finding the boss in the "Hide and seek" mode is more difficult but you will be able to deal a massive amount of damage Hope you find it useful
  7. v790

    Any idea on this boss mechanism?

    Hi there, I really like the idea of a fog-based enemy but I think that the combination of fog (limited view for the player) and this could result in excessive difficulty (unless you want this) because you are enhancing the enemy's abilities while weakening the player's. Personally, I think it'd be interesting to use the fog as a "hiding" mechanism for the enemy. For example, It could use it if its health drops and take advantage of the limited visual capabilities of the player to regain health. Player-side this results in a situation where you are "weakened" (low visual) but you have the possibility to find the enemy while it is regaining health and possibly deal lots of damage (high difficulty, high reward if you find it).
  8. v790

    New game designer

    Hi there, many responded with precious advices. My personal one is to make games and to play games. A lot. Every day. There are also many interesting books out there, for any available role in the gaming industry. Also, a bit of experience about the genre you want to make (e.g. if you want to make racing games it is obviously useful to know something about cars/bikes, trajectories and races in general) And good luck with your career!
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