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  1. Been a crazy first day for our #VisualNovel Greenlight launch, thank you everyone for all the support ? #indiedev #gamedev #anime
  2. Casually Rose was featured in the yuri nation blog ? https://t.co/3FDRxAJ9rx #visualnovel #anime
  3. Rose_Covenant

    Casually Rose on Greenlight

    Hey Guys, our new Visual Novel is now up on Greenlight. We would appreciate any support so please give us a vote up if you want to see more :)   Casually Rose Awakening is a light hearted comical Visual Novel that follows the main character Rose (A plant spirit from an alternate plane of existence) as she tries to adapt to life in our reality. Things take a twist for Rose when her past catches up with her and a series of spirits have tracked her down and are tasked with bringing her back.   Greenlight Link
  4. Rose_Covenant

    Casually Rose: Awakening

    Hi Guys, we're a small Australian Indie Developer making Visual Novel games. This is one we have been working on, it is built using Unity and has been in progress for about 12 months. We are currently on Greenlight and if anyone wants to check it out here is the link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=840950998     Current Progress We're Currently running our Greenlight Campaign and we're aiming to have the game finished off within the next month or two.     Synopsis In a world where spirit creatures are known to visit the human world, a plant spirit by the name of Rose is lost and stranded while others from the spirit realm seek to hunt her down. Through a chance encounter Rose is taken in by a local indie game studio who know nothing of Rose's dark and mysterious past. The studio, struggling to hit their deadlines from being unexpectedly short handed, offer Rose a job and somewhere to stay. While the presence of spirits in the human world are considered common knowledge, actually seeing one is quite a rare thing and people are sometimes wary of them. Not all spirits wish to coexist peacefully, but you could be forgiven for forgetting that when it comes to Rose. An adorable and naive natured girl whose only identifying traits are long flowing gentle green hair and a small leaf protruding from her hair that you might occasionally notice twitching and moving relative to her mood. Things in this world reflect a world you might already know, you might see things that make you feel almost at home... But be mindful that not everything here is as it seems... You are not as you seem... Rose is oblivious to the danger she faces, but you know what she will face, you will be there with her and maybe you might be able to protect her naivety and shield her from the darkness around the corner. You musn't be swayed by the lies the others tell you. You are our only hope, it can only be you... because... you're a human... she won't suspect you.   Characters   ROSE Age: 21 Birthday: 9th October Height: 167cm     Rose is a plant spirit who found herself lost in the human world and latched on to the first humans she encountered. Consequently that is how she came to be employed as the mascot at a Game Studio, coincidentally named Rose Covenant. She is quite clumsy and is often getting into trouble       EMBER Age: 18 Birthday: 7th May Height: 152cm   Ember is a Flame Spirit who came to the human world to hunt down Rose. Not much is known about her reasons or motives, just that she is very determined and won't stop until she has succeeded. She can be quite short tempered at times, a trait that isn't too uncommon among her kind.     BOSS LADY Age: 23 Birthday: 2nd November Height: 170cm     She is the CEO of the game studio, she found Rose and gave her a home. She gets stressed easy and can sometimes be short with Rose, but she does care for Rose's wellbeing and wants to help her find her place in this world.     Features Responsive Character Animation: Using Esoteric's 2D animation software (Spine), Casually Rose utilizes real time character animations that provide a rich emotional and immersive experience for the player. Light & Engaging Story: The story of Casually Rose follows the main character Rose through her arrival in a new world and the challenges she faces trying to fit in. The story flirts with a light and playful tone while still harbouring a deep and intriguing tale deep under the surface. 2.5D Background Environments: Adding to the immersiveness of the character animations, Casually Rose supports a number of scenes with an almost 3D like quality and makes use of this to add a whole extra level of depth to the visual novel genre. Dialog Rewind: Knowing how easy it is to accidentally skip through a piece of dialog, Casually Rose adds in support to backtrack through previous dialogs, so you can re-experience it without requiring a save point. Enhanced Dialog System: After analyzing normal speech patterns, Casually Rose implemented a system to simulate these patterns in the text to provide a richer experience for the player.
  5. Greenlight is live! Thank you all for your support getting this far! RTs appreciated #gamedev #indiedev #vndev https://t.co/vhZoIU2RnV
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