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  1. I am curious on why you chose Unreal Engine for a 2D Pong game? Pong could be done as a browser game by anyone who can do basic HTML and javascript. That in turn could run on desktop with Cromium or Webkit for Android.. Are you planning of releasing more advanced 3D games later with Unreal Engine? Then it would make sense to use it for practice.. Best of Luck! /Mats
  2. "I've mentioned that I would like to stay with C#, and I found OpenGL "ports" like OpenTK or SharpGL. Are there any limitations for those 2 libs according to fresh OpenGL versions?" I have not tried them. But there seem to be other options as well: https://www.khronos.org/opengl/wiki/Language_bindings#C.23 And if you dont like any of the bindings and are familiar with C++ you could always write your OpenGL specific code in c++ and call it from C#. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9407616/how-to-call-c-code-from-c-sharp
  3. I was asking myself the same question about a year ago. I have always been interested in game development and graphics. A couple of years ago i wrote a software renderer in Java. It was pretty straight forward to figure out how to render 3D cubes in perspective and move them arround. I had done some 2D lighting effects earlier and i made a version of that for 3D lighting. The really hard part for me was to put textures on the cubes. That made me really have to read up on the theory behind textures, how to do uv mapping, using linear interpolation, rendering surfaces according to distance from camera etc.. The product of this effort was a really slow software renderer that used my own 3D format. Totally useless for any real applications.. But it was fun to write and i learned a lot by doing it. This made me want to write my own game engine for my next hobby game project. I have been working at it on and off for over a year and it is fun, i learn a lot in the process. But is it the best or fastest way to produce a game? No definately not! If i had a deadline i would have used an existing engine. I am building on top of SDL, OpenGL, GLSL, GLM and Assimp. That have felt as a good foundation that still lets you decide a lot for yourself how you are going to create your UI, game loop, systems, shaders etc.. I have thought about using OpenCL and OpenAL as well but i have not got that far yet.. In a year of hobby development i have: * Menu system that can create and style menues from config. * Basic graphics settings like resolution, framerate, vsync, fps counter and texture detail. * Basic keybinding of controls for keyboard, gamepad and mouse. * A scene object that can manage differen game objects and their components. * Can render a scene with 3D models using regular or instance rendering. * My own GLSL shaders that can render meshes with ambient, diffuse, specular and bumpmapping using up to 3 different textures and multiple lightsources. * Basic collision detection and colission handling system. * System to handle user input. It is fun and rewarding but not that fast, so it depends if you want to learn to make an engine or if you want to create a game. If learning about making engines is more important to you write your own! If finishing the game is more important use something like Unity! GLHF!
  4. On your description it sounds like you are using a HTML5 canvas to render your dots. Then you are probably using javascript in your client. I have used Socket.IO for games and chatt applications and it works great. But i think it is most useful when you use a javascript in the backend/server (Node.js), of you use another language in the server i would use plain websockets instead. But i can recommend using Node.js + Socket.IO + Express for this kind of task as it makes it really easy to implement the things you want. Socket.IO has great examples and documentation. https://socket.io/docs Good Luck!
  5. MatsN

    Game funding questions

    "As I said I have about 12000$ savings, that I could use to pay the artist and live myself to work full-time on the game during the summer, hoping to have an early alpha in September" One idea could be for yourself not to work full-time on the game but instead get a part-time job you could live of and use none of the money for your own part. The code seamed to have progressed much further than the graphics so maybe you should focus some of your money there and then try to get funding when you have something sexier to show? That approach might get you further with your budget but might stretch the timeline.. I do not know how your professional relation is with the artist but something that could save money now is if you could make some deal with the artist to work cheaper now if you offer something in return further down the line. One example(the numbers might be off): Lets say the artist wants 30 dollars / hour If he/she works for 20 dollars now and the initial artist work is good and helps you secure more funding you can pay 35 dollars for further work. It might work if he/she believes strongly in the game and think there will be a lot of 35$/hour work down the line if a good job is done. This might not be possible if there are other better artist opportunities to take or if a lower rate is simply not acceptable. Just curious, What kind of game are you making?
  6. Hi Polydone! I think the files are supposed to be in the same folder, Visual Studio uses filters to organize the files within the IDE. It looks like they are in folders but they are in the same folder in the file-system. I use filters to organize my files according to namespace. you could also brake up your code into several projects in the same solution and the files for each project would go into different folders. i also found this if you want the filters in Visual Studio to look like the folders in the filesystem. https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Dllieu.GenerateCProjectFilters
  7. Hi Jan! I like History and i Like Strategy games, your idea sounds like it could be interesting. It sounds like you have put a lot of effort on preparing your idea. In what part of history is your game going to take place? I might have some useful hints for you. I have no idea how detailed your plans are and how you have structured the information. You should read up on how software and game development teams describes the work that needs to be done. This will help you to structure your information in a way that is natural and easy for a development team to digest. You should try to find someone with experience of managing open source projects. The best would be to bring this someone on board the project, but at least gather information about how to do it and what pitfalls to avoid. One important thing you will have to consider is how you will licence this open source software? https://choosealicense.com/ Picking the right licence can be crucial to move the development in the right direction and protect the software from misuse. To manage an open source project takes a lot of efforts. I think many open source projects tend to consist of people that put in a lot of effort to create something that is useful for themselves and others. Then others that find it useful can contribute with parts that is missing and might be valuable to them. So you will probably have to find at least a few good devoted developers that can help you to get up to speed and create an interesting foundation that can attract more contributors. Managing a Game development project also takes a lot of effort and skills. As i see it you at least need to acquire knowledge in some areas either by learning it yourself and/or by cooperating with someone that does know. Managing an Open Source project Managing a Game Development project You also have to figure out how to attract people with different skill sets to the project. Why would they chose to spend their time on your idea? Why would they want to work for free instead of making their own thing or working for pay? You have to promote your idea and convince people to put a lot of effort into this and they will expect some award or find the work very awarding to join you. I wish you good luck!
  8. I Think this is why 2d pixel art games want to limit the ways you can look or try to have standard proportions and places where items are drawn. If for example hats always goes in the same place you can at least reuse them on different characters. By drawing several layers when rendering the character you could mask clothing in the different layers with different colors and get variation. Good luck with the hard work!
  9. I like your tracks Tom. Specially "I Can't Stay" & "RPG - Fantasy - Freeroam - Open world - Exploration - Casual ". But great qualiy overall.
  10. Hi! Coding exp in general: I have about 10years experience as a software-developer(Mostly). I also have expericence indefining requirements, as a software architect and with testing. I feel most at home in Java, C++ and javascript. I have also done some webpage work (both frontend and backend). Game related: I have made a mapeditor for a homemade game(zelda like) in Java as a High school project involved:(Me(developer) another developer and one pixel artist. I have made a homemade simple software 3d render in java (no external libs just Java SE). involved: Just me I have made a multiplayer 3D tank-game with javascript, node.js and tree.js Involved:(me as(developer & some work i blender) and 1 developer, 1 blender designer) Im interested to know more about the project what platform you target what langugage you plan to use and how you intend to deal with coordination of the participants, bug-reporting , automated building/testing tools etc. If there are any role that fits my intersts i might have some time over to devote. Have you thought about how much time/week (in average) participants is expected to devote to this project? You can contact me at xmatsn@hotmail.com /Mats
  11. MatsN

    What Type of Buisness

    Hi TheMorpheusComplex! I think the type of company will affect how you can run the company and what your company is allowed to do. What type of company you can start will also depend on the country you chose to start your buisness in. Some forms of companies might not allow you to hire peapole to work for you, wich might be an issue if you plan to do that. There can also be other aspects like how much money is needed to start or if you can sell stocks to get more cache into the company etc. Then athleast in my country you will thell the authorities what kind off buissnes you tend to run and that will be the kind of buisness you get aproved for. I would try to find a company register and check out a couple of gamedev companies in your country(preferably small) and check what form of company they have and then read more about that one! Good luck!
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