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  1. Vandallord

    Mobile Soda Jumper

    Soda Jumper is a dog that runs in a circle around donuts and jumps from donut to donut, flying with the help of a rainbow. Candy, ice cream and other sweets are falling from the sky. If the dog touches tasty sweets, he eats them and drinks soda. If the soda runs out, then you have to start the game again. Click on the screen to jump, click on the button to change the direction of the dog. Buy better soda in the store to increase your stamina. Upgrade your skills to get bonus points and increase soda amount.
  2. Vandallord

    Meme Mine Clicker

    he adventures of memes Frog Pepe and Trollface a treasure hunt down in mines     Game(android): Game(amazon):   Memes, in search of gold and treasure, extract ore in mines. When in the cave, you need to tap to smash stones with pickaxes, extract precious stones and ore. In the cave, 3 memories, Frog Pepe, Trollface and Guy Fawkes (Anonymous mask) as Deal With It, when you buy each new one, it starts to break the stones (idle). There is a gift chest that gives bonuses and prizes. There is an opportunity to improve skills and craft pickaxes.
  3. Vandallord

    Idle meteorite

    This game is about a cat which accidentally found the mysterious meteorite that just fell down. The Cat and it's friends try to explore meteorite. You can help them and you can find out the secret of the meteorite at the end of the game!     The game is a sort of pixel art games. We are enjoy if you'll like our clicker game!   Game: Play market(android): Amazon(android):   #Android #PixelArt #OldShool #indie #indiegames #gamedev #clicker #idle #cat #meteorite   youtube:   facebook:   twitter:  
  4. Vandallord

    Mine Clicker

    Extract ore in mines. You buy new mines in which you can extract other types of ore. Improve pickaxe to receive bonuses. The game Mine Clicker is made in the style of pixel art, looks like minecraft, there is an idle system when mining ore, you can craft picks.     Game(android): Youtybe: Facebook: Twitter:    
  5. Vandallord

    Vegetable revolution [Android]

    Play for vegetable-hero to conquer extraterrestrial monsters and liberate the TV-set from them. Television is controlled by dark forces, all TV-shows are counterfeited by inhuman shit-monsters. Only team of vegitables can bring justice to the planet. Vegi-heroes are supported by sidekick memes named Deal-With-It, Trollface and Guy Fawkes as Anonymous. 21 boss 11 vegetables 3 meme-assistans Game:     Youtube Facebook: Twitter:  
  6. Vandallord

    Idle clicker quest. v1.1

    Game development. Mixed genre game, old school adventure with RPG elements and a clicker.   [video]https:[/video]   v 1.1 Fixed bugs Modified dialogs Support 2 languages Game(play market): (a test version, saving does not work, stones, and gold falls to 100 times more) Facebook: Twitter:
  7. Space Odyssey 0.31 v   [attachment=34652:1.jpg] [attachment=34653:2.jpg]   More screenshots: [spoiler] [attachment=34654:3.jpg] [attachment=34655:4.jpg] [attachment=34656:5.jpg] [attachment=34657:6.jpg] [attachment=34658:7.jpg] [attachment=34659:9.jpg] [/spoiler]   While travelling with spaceship, be engaged in events and amazing accidents, counter various extra-terrestrial creatures, explore planets, spaceports, planetary bases. Game advantages: Choose driving a ship or exploring the planet. Enormous limitless space. Dozens of space creatures to counteract. Hundreds of adjustable gadgets for inventory. Randomized maps (for some planets). Unpredictable events in open space.     Game:    
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