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  1. manhnt

    Blender 2.79 Released

    I really like that they add new rigs for animals. Screenshot taken on blender.vn forum.
  2. Not everything can be processed with multi-threading. I would only make a task system for resource loading, sound playing, networking, etc. So you don't need to make everything a task. Firstly, create a class Task with a pure virtual method called Run(); Whatever class implements the Run() method will be executed with multiple threads, that means any of your threads can pick it up from the queue, call Run(), then if the task is still not completed (so the base class Task will have another boolean member), current thread pushes it back to the queue so other threads can pick it up. About memory management: don't use smart pointers if you're making a very big engine because reference counting gives CPU more work to do, and have a look at allocating speed too, there are some libraries that help you with it.
  3.   There are some dependency management tools for C++ out there, but I haven't tried any of them though.
  4. manhnt

    Another GUI Libraries Thread

    For game tools, Nuklear looks good (although I would use imGUI to get C++ API instead of C). Intermediate GUI libraries give you an easy way to make a cross-platform tools, although their functionalities have limits so you have to do extra work in GUI programming. Qt is really powerful and it is suitable if you want to cut down development time for a tool in my opinion.   If you're using QML, it's not difficult to make new feature. You control all about the GUI with QML and it will call whatever functions you define in C++ to perform your logic.
  5. I prefer Linux as a more stable development than Windows. Windows is easier to work with but the maintenance effort for the long run disappointed me, I don't want to re-install my Windows and its tools (and some games) occasionally because it gets slower and produces software errors (haven't been long with Windows 10 yet, it could be different now), not to mention viruses infection. I've switched to Linux and quit gaming for a period of time. Managing to get 2 computers so I could have Linux to develop and use Windows to test/play games if needed.
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