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  1. Decent Java Programming Book

    It's not a book, but i used it a lot besides my book: I hope that's a help for you(although its not focused towards games)
  2. java beginner

    I dont see what you are trying to do... You're testing milli2 for truth and then u assign a String to an integer. Why dont you use the concat() method thats already in the String object? Here's the entry in the documentation: String concat(String str) Concatenates the specified string to the end of this string. Don't forget a String is an object and not a primitive datatype like int.
  3. help with beginner java

    public class App { public static void main(String args[]) { soldier jimjim = new soldier(1); wall bigwall = new wall(10); } jimjim.attack(bigwall); System.out.println("Destroyed? "+veryBigWall.isDestroyed()); } The first closing bracket has to be set after the last statement. Now you are closing the main method before those two last statements. Edit: somebody already beat me to it.
  4. help with beginner java

    In our Java classes we use Object Oriented Programming With Java: An Introduction by Barnes. Maybe you should look at that one. [url][/url] Oh, i see its kinda expensive without the special student price.
  5. n00b looking for partner(s) in crime.

    Im kind of interested in this. Currently I'm programming in Java, but i would like to learn C++ too. Contact me by pm or add to msn (also for more information):
  6. One of my first advanced programs

    hey vinnie, i see you're new and from the netherlands. Do you feel anything for going through learning C++ with someone else? If so, pm me. I don't think i have to give u any comments on your program, since the others already did that well.