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  1. Sorry for the late reply Tyhender. Just saw your mail. Its great to see so many people interested in such things
  2. Sorry for the late reply Tyhender. I saw your mail. Did you find any artist for team ?
  3. Hi ProMeriel ! Your work is great. If you would like you can join me. Email: mailforgautamvg@gmail.com
  4. Hi Tyhender !   I am also a c++ programmer and I am looking for a team to participate in the One Game A Month challenge. I have my own post for this here: https://www.gamedev.net/topic/685764-gathering-a-team-to-build-one-game-a-month-for-experience/#entry5329311   I think we can work together to build many games. These games can be the starting point of the company you dream of. As for me, I just want to build awesome games and I don't mind if its with a company or not. I even have a few ideas for new games.        I saw your reply on my thread ProMiriel, I think you should also join our team as we will need some music.   Both of you, if interested can email me: mailforgautamvg@gmail.com
  5. Hi Walkers,   I am a programmer and have made games for PC and the Web. I am interested to collaborate with you, since I have only worked in personal projects. I want to learn from other people through communication and that's why would like to join.   If you are still looking please contact me, email: mailforgautamvg@gmail.com   Thanks.
  6. First of all, Hello Everyone ! This is my first post in this community. My name is Gautam and I am from India.   I am a Game programmer and I have made a few personal games for PC and the Web. To to gain more experience I am participating in One Game A Month challenge.   So, I thought why not do this with a Team. That's why I am posting this to recruit a small team of game Devs. The team will need an Artist, a Music composer, someone to manage the project, or even another programmer... The more the merrier ! If anyone is interested please contact me or post here. My email: mailforgautamvg@gmail.com   I myself beginning to make better games for release so I am looking to work with other beginners as well. Working in a team for such a challenge will result in a good number of games for adding to your portfolio. It will be helpful if you have some ideas of your own. Even remakes of old games will do. We will work on all those ideas in order to achieve 12 games in a year ! Yeah that's what I expect to achieve....   Alright guys, contact me if you are interested to work in the challenge with a team.   Cheers !
  7. Hi @SDF50,   I am a Programmer with 2d game building experience. I can develop games for PC (in c++) and the Web. If you are still looking for members of your team, I will love to join you.   I have sent an email to you. My address is: mailforgautamvg@gmail.com   Please let me know what you decide.
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