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  1. qwaqwe

    City builder kit

    This one is like what i need https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/16832
  2. qwaqwe

    City builder kit

    Yes, it can be helpful, but need to dive into code and make customization.
  3. qwaqwe

    City builder kit

    I saw, prices about 400-500$ max. It's a little different from 6 digits money.
  4. qwaqwe

    City builder kit

    Platform: Android. How much it will cost separately, coded template and graphics (for example, i can use graphic from unity asset store)?
  5. qwaqwe

    City builder kit

    I'am interesting in android platform. But i think 6 digits money is too much. I need only city, build , upgrade etc.
  6. qwaqwe

    City builder kit

    Maybe some one know how much it will cost to develop/buy city builder from outsource company in EU?
  7. qwaqwe

    Unity or UE4?

    What is the best engine for web and for mobile?
  8. qwaqwe

    City builder kit

    I meant city builder like in strategies games as travian, clans clash and many others. It can be 2D, 3D or text. Thanks
  9. qwaqwe

    City builder kit

    Where can i get City builder kit/template for free? Even something simple.
  10. qwaqwe

    the best engine for top down game

    Thanks to all of you. I started with ue4. Not easy  :unsure:
  11. qwaqwe

    the best engine for top down game

    Thanks to all of you for suggestions. I downloaded both UE4 and unity3d. Surprise, both of them have top down templates. I decided to start with UE4. I need suggestion for UE4 forum for beginners, please.
  12. hello   i need some engine (even 2d) in order to create top down (or isometric) game (or prototype). The engine must be simple as possibe, because i am bad programmer  -_-   please suggest.   thank you
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