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  1. um hi tyhender could u please help me make a game plz I won't be doing much of the coding but ill bet doing lots of art


    1. tyhender


      Sorry for late response,but ok, send me some art you can make on ikval018@gmail.com

      Also,please,improve your grammerz plz

  2. tyhender

    Top 5 Most Expensive Game Localization Mistakes

    Well, you can translate such pun into pun that works only in language you are translating in. (Example from Half-Life 2)
  3. tyhender

    Anomalies in X-Ray Engine

    Haha. Even that a lot of errors weren't fixed before S.T.A.L.K.E.R's release, gmae still worked good.  The another thing, is that those errors were made by a big(then) game company, imaginee how much bugs are there in Engines made by indie companies/one man.
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