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  1. Hi all, InstCoffee have been working on InstLife on and off for around 3 years and this year we have made it our main project to work on. The release is late next month and the beta is currently underway. The game is on Android only and will be free. If you like life simulators then I would love it if you could give this game a try and let us know some feedback to work on! If you would like to take part in the beta, please let me know your google play store email address so I can get you added! If you would like to keep up to date on the on the latest updates that we are rolling out, please visit http://inst.coffee/35-2/instblog/. The game is entirely text based which makes it more niche and I have listed ome screenshots below -
  2. Hi all!   We (InstCoffee) are starting our Alpha tomorrow for our first release, InstLife!   It is a text based life simulator and would love it if you could help us with the playtesting!   The game is for Android only, and if you would like to help us by playtesting the Alpha, please let us know your email address that is linked with your Google Play account and once it goes live, you should receive an email from Google.   :)
  3. Kniighty

    Gaming Talks in South East England.

      That's great, thanks for your response!
  4. Hi all,  Was wondering if anyone was aware of some gaming talks / conferences that are based in South East England / Essex, England? Thanks in advance,
  5. Kniighty

    Elium - Prison Escape

    Thanks for the updates, it looks good so far! Do you have any dates for green light yet?
  6. Where are you based? I'm in the UK and would love to join!
  7. Hi all,    I really apologise if this is not the right place for this sort of question. I have now got some designs back from a graphic designer and I need a hand in choosing which one to go for. My studio is called InstCoffee, we develop and publish games.   For branding, the logo will be used for print and embroidery but I will probably just use the actual coffee cup for this without the back board. I have attached the different logo's to this post, if you could give me your thoughts on which one you would choose, that would be great.   Also, with the logo that has the pixeled alien on it, would there be any copyright issues with the makers of Space Invaders as it has a fairly similar look?    Thanks in advance,
  8. Kniighty

    Mobile game publishing advice?

    Instead of wasting the £100 on Facebook, build up a good community of followers on Instagram and Twitter smartly and then build a good buzz for your game with good GIF's and images which excite people.  This will get people talking about your game and will then get people waiting for the game release which will turn into traffic and would all be free. Whether they stay on the game and the retention rate is high, would be down to the game quality.   If you're planning on your game being a massive success on the mobile platforms, you would need to start a relationship with Apple and Google which will raise the chances of your game being featured on their stores front screens,  
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