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    Real-Time Fluid Dynamics in 3D

    If you look at the evolving velocity step: void vel_step ( int N, float * u, float * v, float * u0, float * v0, float visc, float dt ) { add_source ( N, u, u0, dt ); add_source ( N, v, v0, dt ); SWAP ( u0, u ); diffuse ( N, 1, u, u0, visc, dt ); SWAP ( v0, v ); diffuse ( N, 2, v, v0, visc, dt ); project ( N, u, v, u0, v0 ); SWAP ( u0, u ); SWAP ( v0, v ); advect ( N, 1, u, u0, u0, v0, dt ); advect ( N, 2, v, v0, u0, v0, dt ); project ( N, u, v, u0, v0 ); } You can see that project no only takes in u, v, ( and w ), but it also takes in u0, v0. So do I need to add a w0 like project( N, u, v, w, u0, v0, w0 ); You don't have a parameter that matches w0. Thanks.
  2. Digicube

    Real-Time Fluid Dynamics in 3D

    The "project" function requires a 3D vector velocity void project ( int N, float * u, float * v, float * p, float * div ); I would assume you will need to add another "float* w" as part of the extended 3D vector. But as you can see in the sample code, he uses the project function with "u0" and "v0" as parameters for "p" and "div". The question then is how do I extend the function to take care of the extended 3rd dimension. Wouldn't it be "project( N, u, v, w, u0, v0, w0 )" So what parameter would w0 map too? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I've managed to get the 2D version of the fluid dynamics in Jos Stam's Real-Time Fluid Dynamics in Games Now I want to convert it into 3D. But I'm having trouble converting the "Project" function. Does anyone know how to do it and can give me some pointers. Also, how does he render the real-time graphics shown in the pictures with the red sphere at the bottom of the paper? Thanks for any help.
  4. Digicube

    2D animation

    That's the question. I read an article in GPU gems and Nvidia used 3D textures for animating video of fire. Why one way or another?
  5. Digicube

    iRobots in I, Robot Oh My!!

    I think they use the term "US Robotics" in the MOVIE.
  6. Digicube

    2D animation

    When doing 2D animation/video in a 3D api would I use a series of 2D textures use a 3D texture? What's the difference and when would you use one or the other? Thanks.
  7. Digicube

    iRobots in I, Robot Oh My!!

    I'm surprised they use the name "USR" as in "US Robotics". Isn't there an electronics company named US Robotics. Can they use the same name? I used to own a USR modem...
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