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  1. Thank you everyone for your support of Blood Oath so far! We are super grateful to each and every one of you. As a gift, here is our close to complete model of Elsa, our protagonist. We also included some new demo material; the statue of the deity Dhal'Nyr! Enjoy! Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/strixinteractive Support us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realStriX/ #Screenshotsaturday #BloodOath #Microsoft
  2. The StriX Interactive team will be live on Twitch @ 7pm GMT tonight (In 2 hours)! If you're interested in game development, interested in Blood Oath or you just wanna drop by for giggles here is the link! Our talented 3D modeller Mihail Kounelakis will be showcasing some new material! https://www.twitch.tv/strixinteractive/ Also, Czech us out on facebook for more updates! (If you loved the Witcher III and Skyrim, you'll love what we are making). https://www.facebook.com/realStriX/
  3. Jed_Crouch

    Here is my work, how does it sounds to you ?

    I'm a big fan of this stuff! In general I think the tracks need some polish... for example, I think on some elements you could use a stereo delay - it gives it a wider sound. Very funky though. Perfectly crafted with the game in mind
  4. Jed_Crouch

    The View Upon the Horizon

    Damn... that cello is just not replicable with MIDI. Such a shame really that MIDI strings can't express solo strings. The piano needs some humanisation. What I do when I'm sequencing piano, is i remove snap to grid and re-align every note individually so that it's not exactly perfect, or you can randomise note start values automatically. Do this to velocity as well, and even automating the sustain pedal and tempo will give you a more realistic sound... the actual piano sample isn't the most important element in a realistic sounding piano. God I wish I could play the cello! haha. Great work Also, I like to split my piano into groups in order to mix a better sound. This allows me greater control when cutting out particularly resonant frequencies in the low-mids.
  5. Jed_Crouch

    Here is some of my work, would love some opinions!

    The piece is sounding good! I think you need to invest in or source better samples however, as the logic pro stock samples are a bit lackluster. There are plenty of free packs out there As mentioned above, you need to use more reverb. Also, beware of using too many elements that don't layer properly. Look into the frequency ranges of instruments and try Spectral Layering, it will help when it comes to mixing. Your compositional work is fine however and the structure of the piece is great. Jed
  6. Hi guys, I wrote this piece recently originally for a client but decided to keep it for myself as I think it turned out great. Basically, I'm looking for feedback on the musicality of it and not so much the production. Please do let me know what you think! And also, please link anything I can look at of yours below. All the best, Jed
  7. Hi guys! A new game is hitting steam soon, and is a classic arcade inspired game featuring an equally classic soundtrack. It's platforming goodness at it's best. If you wanna find out more, head over to kickstarter or steam!  http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895362848 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/262906301/bebop-and-tempo?ref=project_link Thanks guys!
  8. Jed_Crouch

    Looking for feedback on an orchestral composition!

    Thanks for the critique guys, I 100% agree with your points! I'm not too sure what the piece could be used for, but as you said the intro isn't suitable at all for a video game. Also the low end probably does need a bit of work, the low end can sometimes be hard to get right! I guess I should try and cut it out more in other areas to create contrast. If you both have any work I can look at feel free to reply it here :)
  9. Here it is:  https://soundcloud.com/jed-crouch/ode
  10. Our project Between These Walls, is looking for dedicated people to join our project. As it stands, we have management, game design, building design and a composer & sound engineer. Info: www.betweenthesewallsgame.wordpress.com We are currently hard at work creating the in-game environments, music & sound. We are additionally recruiting talented and driven individuals who can: Create Models for human and enemy characters, food, consumables and other in-game items. Create a shooting system. Create GUI's - for the various screens in-game (Main Menu, Inventory screen, etc.). And most importantly we need a programmer(s). We need dedicated people who can oversee the implementation of code into the game. People with experience in Unity. At this stage, all work dedicated to the project is solely voluntary. However, all members of the team (no matter how small the contribution) will receive credit for their work and when the game is launched. If you are interested PM me or send an email to either k_entomology@live.nl , or jec62@kent.ac.uk Thanks guys! and good luck.
  11. Jed_Crouch

    Wanting some feedback on this boss theme.

    This is great! You build well on the main motif, however I would suggest adapting it more, it will give your piece a better structure.   Also the drums to me don't add anything to the piece, maybe try just using timpani to create rhythm!
  12. Hi guys, I'd love to receive some feedback on a piece I wrote recently. It's a Wild West piece for a new indie project I'm working on.   Let me know how it is :D   https://soundcloud.com/jed-crouch/wild-west-theme
  13. Jed_Crouch

    Looking for feedback on recent work!

    That's an excellent reply, thanks for the feedback! I agree, there isn't as much going on in the upper-low as there should be :)    
  14. Hi guys, I recently finished a short demo piece for a client. I would love some feedback on it! Mainly on the composition itself, rather than the quality of the production. The piece is in the style of Grant Kirkhope, the composer & sound designer that worked on N64 titles such as Banjo-Kazooie and Goldeneye.   https://soundcloud.com/jed-crouch/demo-banjo-kazooie   Thanks in advance :)    
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