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  1. kroupajz

    Help us choose an engine

    Thanks. After all consideration we will definitely try Unity, as one of us has some experience with this engine.      To tell you the truth I have never heard about this engine, but it looks pretty neat and we will look into this engine a bit more, it definitely cought our eyes. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. kroupajz

    Help us choose an engine

    Hi, thanks for your opinion!   About unity, is it true that for 2D it has some sort of bad scaling? Do you have any personal experience with it?   I looked at the RPG maker and it seems like not exactly right for our purpose, thanks for the suggestion, though, we will keep it in mind. The same goes for the other one too.   About the 2D specifics, as I mentioned, we are not completely sure yet, there will some some important locations definitely from the side view perspective, but in other parts of the game may other perspectives appear (max 2 though, we don't want to overcomplicate things)   Thanks for your input :)
  3. kroupajz

    Help us choose an engine

    Thanks for you reply, Orangeatang!   We are just trying to get as much info as we can before we start the hard work. We wouldn't like to work on it for a long time just to find out there is something important impossible to do in that one particular engine. :)
  4. kroupajz

    Help us choose an engine

    Hi,   thanks for your input!   Making it for mobiles is not our priority. What you say about Unity is correct.   The thing is we both have experience with 3D stuff, not 2D and from what I read about Unity and 2D it seems like it could be a pain in the a** because it scales the sprites wrongly or some problem like that.   I have read about a lot of 2D software/engines I have never heard about, so I'm really curious... and afraid those programs wouldn't live up to our expectations. 
  5. Hi everyone,   Me and my friends are planning to make a game, but we just can’t decide what engine/program use to create it. I figured maybe some of you could have some ideas or experience with other programs, so all suggestions are welcome. I’ll list some features the game should have, the complexity (or variety) is what makes the selection of an engine problematic: -          Essentialy it will be a 2D pixel game -          Story-driven gameplay – adventure with some RPG elements -          During the story the player will be going through levels of memories, dream, and present -          The present will be represented by just one room where will always be the player and some characters (who may change during the gameplay) – here we want a lot of conversations to happen – at first without any interaction of the player, later on with some conversation trees (choosing the answer, different answers leading into different parts of the story) -          The levels of dream and memories will be with the movement of the player (still not sure whether a classic 2D platformer or isometric) with some possible interaction (here though rather simple actions) -          Also, not to make it too simple , we would like to implement some minigames from time to time to any part of the game To tell you something about our experience with engines, I have done some work in Unreal Engine 4 (though only 3D work), while my colleague has some experience in Unity and Game Maker. Naturaly, we did some research and talked to some friends but, as usual, most engines have pros and cons, so what would be your suggestion? Thanks in advance  
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