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  1. I haven't been here in forever. Once school began, I had no life. But now I'm back. Hi everyone. :D


  2. There are a lot of answers to the question of what the most popular music software is in general. But what is your favorite software to use when composing for games?   What do you consider the most useful/vital software?   And does having the right software matter when composing? (should you definitely have middleware like Wwise, FMOD, Fabric handy regardless the DAW you use?)   For example I just use Propellerhead's Reason and nothing else. Maybe I can get away with making game music using only that. So I want to hear if from all of you.   Thanks!
  3. This is actually a really fascinating article. As someone who's exclusive interest is in GUI and music, this is a good read.
  4. First time here. Feedback on vibes?

    Very Postal Service–esque. I really like the positive vibe and variety. If I should be more serious it sounds like theres a touch of clipping caused by the kick drum especially starting at about 1:58. But that is a small detail.
  5. Serious thanks for the responses so far guys. I got a more solid answer than it may look like and this has presented a lot of things I can do research on.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm sure someone has asked this question before but I have not found it anywhere yet. It's very simple and probably dumb: What is the most heavily used audio format for games as of today? What about the most useful audio format for any game (regardless of platform, API, library etc)? The second probably has a lot of answers but hopefully someone has as general an answer as possible. I want to get a feel for what the majority of developers desire to use for music and SFX. It might be helpful.