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  1. russianabout

    [FREE][GAME] Breathing Sky

    What happens if you try to play it while running?
  2. russianabout

    wack a trump (video game)

    Haha, I bet Republicans want this game banned.
  3. russianabout

    Greetings from EndlessGeek

    Bonjour! Thanks for joining the community :)
  4. russianabout

    The Indie Bits Festival is calling all game developers!

    Thanks for the link. I really like the idea of this, so put me down as 'maybe' ;)
  5. russianabout

    What are you working on?

    I'm looking into doing a live Q&A group regarding what gamers actually want today. I feel like if I make a game that a target group actually want, then there is much more likelihood of them actually playing it!
  6. russianabout

    How to start Working towards making games.

    That's a pretty solid knowledge base of Python, C#, and C++, but I think learning Java couldn't hurt either. If you'll look at this article, you'll find a lot of great resources on where to learn the programming languages needed for gaming. I've been sharpening my skills in the above languages and they've really helpful.    
  7. russianabout


  8. russianabout

    stealth game gameplay test

    it's okay. keep at it.
  9. I like jumping and jewels games, so im not bored of those yet.
  10. How many monster trucks can i haz?
  11. russianabout

    Super Samurai - A game made in Love2D

    Prince of Persia want their levels back
  12. russianabout

    Hiring A Coder

  13. russianabout

    First Person Soccer game concept

    Hmm, would require a lot of looking around... gonna hurt the head. No me gusta.
  14. russianabout

    I'm new here and would like to say Hello!

    Bonjour! Good to see you aboard
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