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  1. Dungeons!    is a 2D rpg game made with rpg maker mv it is a fun rpg where you must rescue someones child  i hope you give plenty of feedback and review it as well   available on --- windows & mac    Game download----> http://gamejolt.com/games/dungeons/235209                      
  2. Holden Gilmore

    wack a trump (video game)

    probably :P
  3. Holden Gilmore

    wack a trump (video game)

    im glad you felt as i do :) it helps me relieve some stress anytime trump does something stupid (which is way to much)
  4. Holden Gilmore

    wack a trump (video game)

    Wack a Trump   wack a trump is a game designed to relieve some stress. so pick up a mallet and start wacking   but you better be quick the more you hit trump the faster he moves.   post your highscores here and be praised for your trump wacking abilitys.   GAME LINK ------ > https://gamejolt.com/games/wack-a-trump/232175  
  5. Holden Gilmore

    Banana freefall project by indiegp

    will do!
  6. Holden Gilmore

    Banana freefall project by indiegp

    early access v0.5.0  Banana freefall   is a catch'em game you must collect bananas to move on to new locations but also avoid the devastating bombs designed to restart the game.   play as joe the monkey and catch your way through the levels.   things to expect in v1.0.0   -30+ levels  -10+falling items with various uses/effects -new playable characters featuring joe's family -many exciting animations to give the game more depth   -------------------- reasons why you should look past the roughness of v0.5.0? since this is a early access you can expect much graphical changes including changes to -bananas -bombs -joe -trees -ambient items including snow/rain -much different backgrounds to depict the locations better --------------------------- all that being said please check out / test / and review "banana freefall"          link to game ------- > https://gamejolt.com/games/banana-freefall/233263   p.s - looking for a 2d graphics designer for a better "joe" the monkey sprite im not good at animals/character design -
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