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  1. Simon Lewis

    Checkers Online with delphi

    ok thanks man ill get back to you to let you know how things go
  2. Simon Lewis

    Checkers Online with delphi

    ok thanks, i think the problem am having is the drawing of the peace thats moving as am using a timage for checker bored and peaces.
  3. Simon Lewis

    Checkers Online with delphi

    yea am using overbyte sockets but am having trouble doing the bored updating it via each client so on so players can each other moves so on
  4. Simon Lewis

    Checkers Online with delphi

    full project is done in delphi am going to be building a TCP client/server structure for the game that will run on any windows based server/computer I have a single player version of the game but I like to learn know how to turn it into a working online game so two players can face each other.
  5. Am looking for some help or src for a online checkers game I have made a basic single player game, but I really want to add net coding to it but with out any luck any help would be much appreciated, Thanks.
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