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    Searching For Those Interested In Joining My Team

    Well I aim to create very simple games at first such as 2D games. In my team, I aim that we would learn how to make games together. I'm very good in 3D Modelling but not that good in programming. So if this team has what it takes to make a game, then we can create and also learn together. Then as we move on, we will create more and more complex games which involves in lots of designing and coding. Might take a long time to create a more complex game, but at least we have progress. Then, if we manage to make a game that is almost the same as Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Need For Speed, The Forest, Minecraft and much more, I will expand our team by adding new members and have our own office here at my country. Then we make games together and have our own company and be as good as the famous gaming companies such as Ubisoft, Maxis, EA, DICE and so on.   Now in my team, we are using Unity 3D  game engine to make a game. Unity 3D also comes with a programming software, which is Visual Studio. As for modelling, I mainly use SketchUp. But right now, I'm currently learning how to use Blender to make more complex 3D models. As for textures/materials, we use Photoshop. I'm not a pro on Photoshop ( I even rarely use it ). For musics and sounds, well I don't know what software is good because I have never downloaded a software for creating music and sounds.
  2. Hello there. I'm here to find those who are interested to join me in making games together. I have my own milestone, and that is to have my own Game Design/Develop team. So right now, I'm currently searching for those with abilities in designing or developing a game. From 3D Modelling, animation, coding, basically anyone with basic skills in any fields of game creation. But right now, I'm aiming to recruit a programmer, because my team currently consists of 4 members (including me). I'm more to 3D Modelling, the others are to Photoshop, sounds, character modelling and music. Message me if interested.
  3. Hello. I have a dream of having my own Game Design/Develop team. So I'm currently searching for those who are interested to join me. I have my own group in Facebook so that we can learn, work and create games together. Right now I'm currently searching for a decent programmer. Those who are interested, just message me.
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