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  1. Runemark Studio

    Dark Fantasy Environment and Props

    And here is the last piece of furniture. The pack is near ready. I have to do some polishing on the models, and then pack it all up into Unity. I hope I will hear from you guys soon!
  2. Runemark Studio

    Dark Fantasy Environment and Props

    Yes, you are both right, the architecture items are the earliest in the series. I have a better stone wall texture since, but I didn't remapped it yet. I moved on with the furniture since. Actually I draw a lot of inspiration from the Elder Scrolls series, especially the earlier daedric style, but had to rethink, since I didn't want my stuff to be too otherwordly. Yeah the Spiky throne just calls for an ambulace, but hey, it is still more safe than a Throne made entirely from swords, right? About the bevels and custom normals: Blender has a cool little addon called Weight Normals, it works quite nicely, if I remember correctly, it creates custom normals depending on the size of a face, so if there is a tiny bevel on the side of a big fat quad, it will create the normals in favor of the bigger, smoother surface. I usually don't get to edit the normals manually, just fiddle around with the autosmooth angle to get it right. Bigger structures (like the columns edges) got baked from highpoly. Small details like the wood carvings got created from alphas in PS. The odd one out was the wardrobe, it's triangle pattern was baked from a beveled Bezier curve to try out how it will turn out. And here comes this week's batch:
  3. Runemark Studio

    Dark Fantasy Environment and Props

    I will try to keep updating in this thread at least weekly. Here are the furniture items and some architecture elements:
  4. Runemark Studio

    Dark Fantasy Environment and Props

    Edit: I see the edge seams! Triplanar projection will be used, as soon as I can figure out how to avoid projcetion stripes along the beveled edges. Maybe Substance Painter does this better than SD?
  5. Runemark Studio

    Dark Fantasy Environment and Props

    I'm making some progress on detailing the stone surfaces. I captured these images inside Substance Designer. The brick wall texture is unchanged as I focused first on the large stone blocks on the top. This stone texture will be used later on the gate stones too, and I wanted to refine it on a smaller model first... Images: 1) base stone 2) added cracks 3) added rainmarks to the top.
  6. Runemark Studio

    Dark Fantasy Environment and Props

    Thanks for your feedbacks! I try to incorporate all your advice in my following works. Since these are a part of a larger modular pack, in some cases the bigger parts, like the walls have to be a bit simpler, to be used modular, and only a few object will have that "hero piece" feeling on it. The gate will be definitely one of these "hero objects" which can be used for important level parts, like entering to a boss fight zone, or exit a level. And I already found that I have too few detail elements at my hand (like the ledge), so my plan is to expand the detail models repertoire (more wall consoles, ornament ledges, later on flags and iron grates etc.) and "dress up" the plain walls with them.
  7. Runemark Studio

    Dark Fantasy Environment and Props

    Gate remake and mini scene with walls and windows (WIP). I didn't touched the crystals yet, but it seems that Amplify Shaders will do the fresnel trick. I added a human for scale too. The gate is failry large, it will definitely need a sturdy ring to open. Gate details:
  8. Runemark Studio

    Dark Fantasy Environment and Props

    Hi JoeyJ! Thank you for the very detailed feedback! Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation. I made a different light setup in Unity, my aim was to mimic a real world photo studio with a plain backdrop and 3 lights. I used one of my more interesting models, a pile of crates to experiment with the light setup. Here is the result: I found that the back light has to be way much brighter than the main light, and still it had a low impact on the overall look. And the small crate on top of the big one, half covered, is very dark compared to the same side of the bigger box beneath. But if I set my fill light to brighten up that exact area, the other parts, like the cloth, will become overbright. Here is the same model but rotated more to the camera, as I tried to solve that dark spot problem: I feel it is still too dark... At least some of the small crate's edges are showing better... I also found that the whole thing looks like it is hovering, especially the front part which is missing some ambient occlusion or something like that? Or maybe I need to add some slight texture to the floor?
  9. Runemark Studio

    Dark Fantasy Environment and Props

    Hi Scouting Ninja, thank you for your quick reply! I already picked up Blender Guru's "Mastering Lighting in Blender" video. I plan to use Unity's realtime GI system with additional spotlights for my showcase video. For the crystals and glass window: I would like to give a try for a custom shader with Amplify Shaders. Here is the first result with a custom refraction on the window glass: What do you think?
  10. Dark Fantasy Environment and Props Hi GameDevs, I am currently working on a model pack for the Unity Asset Store. I am however not satisfied with the overall look of these game-ready models. There would be many architectual and prop objects from gates and windows to lamps, furniture, decoration etc. The style would be a gloomy, mystical, dark fantasy-inspired look, similar to a dark elf or vampire castle interior. For modeling I use Blender, for texturing Substance Designer and PS. Please take a look at my work and help me figuring out how should I improve the textures. I use the Smoothness / Metallic workflow, and would like to add Ambient Occlusion separately (screen space). I also use Emissive maps where needed (lamps). If you see some obvious flaws in contour, colors, etc please note those too. In these images I threw the objects into Unity, no light setup and compositing was done (I still need to learn those for presenting my stuff). Link to my Sketchfab (here you can see the crystal lamps in 3D). Thank you for your attention!
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