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  1. Kolity

    Which SEGA Games do You Love Most?

    Yes, I remember.... First I played Sonic, it was so colourful and nice. That I liked Golden Axe and others. I missed such old games so much that even installed to my smartphone retro game emulator (took it here at https://theappsdepot.com/ ). It's easy to play old games on a smartphone screen because my laptop has 17" screen and it too big to play old Sega games.
  2. Kolity

    Stranger Games

    Lol! That an interesting strange concept to put it on the TV screen!
  3. That's game seems to very interesting! I like your graphic decision.
  4. Kolity

    [FREE][GAME] Hex: A Game About Connecting

    Congrats to be a Nominees!
  5. Nice game with simple design, good luck! ;)
  6. I want to try it at least once, but I still feel the lack of programming skills :(
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