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  1. ?? ???????

    Programmer looking for a project!

    Hello. My name is Ian. I am an artist and I've been making games for about 7 years now. 3 or 4 months ago I've started making a game with a programmer. Unfortunately we had to pause the development due to lack of experience (this project turned out to be more difficult than we expected). However I'm still full of energy to work on this project and now am looking for a programmer (or two) who if more experienced in working in a team and setting up a workflow. The game is a top-down/isometric shooter set up in an more advanced version of 19 century. This is a tactical single player shooter with a quite unusual gameplay mechanic. I also have already formed the art style: hand painted hi-rez art in darker tones. Character will look like wooden toys, this looks interesting, in my opinion, and also allows to greatly simplify the process of animation. As to your preferences: - This is a 2D game so I'm not sure if there are any advantage in using Unreal Engine. We were using and engine called HaxeFlixel but I'm thinking about switching to Unity right now. - I live in UTC+2 time zone and currently have a lot of time to work on the project. If you are interested, please send me a private message or an e-mail (mozmarto@gmail.com) and I will tell you more about the game and show you some graphic assets.
  2. ?? ???????

    Looking for an experienced programmer

    Hello! Thanks for your interest in this project! We are targeting this game for PC for now (and probably Steam). Unfortunately, for some reason, I get an error when I try to send a private message. So if you are still interested in this project, then please, send me a note on this email: mozmarto@gmail.com and I will tell you more about this game and its visual style (I don't want to put too much information on public yet).
  3. ?? ???????

    Looking for an experienced programmer

    We were using an open-source engine called HaxeFlixel. It uses it's own programming language which is quite similar to C# and Java, I believe.
  4. ?? ???????

    Looking for an experienced programmer

    I have sent you a private message.
  5.     Hello.     I am an artist and I am looking for a programmer (or maybe two) who has an experience in finishing projects. Three months ago me and another programmer started working on a project. It is a 2D top down shooter with a twist (I will tell you more about it if you are interested).     Recently we discovered that this project is more difficult than we initially thought and the programmer didn't have enough experience for it. So he had to resign but I am still full of energy and will to continue.     The project itself isn't that ambitious, there were larger projects made by small teams but some game mechanics are quite difficult to implement. We went through design phase already and have a quite large design document. As an artist I have already established a graphical style and made a couple of environment assets as well as one of main characters with couple of animations.     So if you are interested and sure that you have enough experience to handle a rather difficult project then I will be happy to tell you more and show you what we have accomplished already. 
  6. Hello!   I am lookin for a team for a RTS game for iOS/Android.   About the game   This is a classical RTS game with an emphasis on multiplayer, with base building but optimized for tablets. Therefore there will be some features and gameplay modifications that will make it convenient on touchscreens. Game will be made in Unity. Setting will be something between fantasy, steampunk and postapocalypse (you can see some of concept art I made here and here. The game will be in 2,5D: flat characters and surroundings, 3D terrain and buildings. Graphical style will be cartoony so it would take minimal time and effort to create graphics.   At this point this project is just for fun untill it gets some funding. Current goals are very limited. I have prepared a design document to depict my ideas. Game concept may change in future and you can also take part in designing the game.   Team   Here are the positions in this team. I am expecting about 4-6 people (including me) so one person will handle more then one of them.   - Programming (Unity) (1-4 people) - Character, structure, environment concept art (2-3 people) - Character art and animation (2 people) - 3D modelling (for structures and environment (1 person) - Environment art (1person) - UI art (1 person) - General Art (1 person) - Sound Design (2 people) Please take note that you need to have at least some experience in similar projects (RTS/ multiplayer games in Unity if you are a programmer or cartoon style art and animation if you are an artist)..   About me   I am a concept artist (you can find my works here) and I will be creating characters and other concepts for the game. Basically I will do any art related job if there will be anyone elso to do it. I have large experience in 2d game developing and several years in art creation.     If you are willing to join this project and have some experience in one or more of these jobs please feel free contact me (you can also write on this email: mozmarto@gmail.com) and I will tell you more about this project and we will discuss your participation in it.
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