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  1. War Upon the Sea

    I just listened to the song, it's really great! Reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. Good work!
  2. BOOR: Original Soundtrack

      Well, thanks for your kinds words, I'm glad you like it :)
  3. BOOR: Original Soundtrack

      Thanks for listening and for your words! For this soudntrack I've used the Plugin Firebird on FL Studio 10 for making the melodies, are some drums/percussions packs.    And about the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, it's not a main reference for me on this work, but of course -as one of the greatest video game soudntrack ever- is a reference for me. Also, is true that some of the early songs, specially the third one "Palladium" have some percussion sounds similar to some songs of Final Fantasy VII, probably because I was looking for some "industrial" sound similar to the Reactor part of FFVII.    Anyway, thanks again!
  4. Hello guys! I just released the soundtrack for the video game BOOR, by Dazlog, which is coming on Steam next 14th Febuary.       The soundtrack consist of 27 electronic songs, and more than an hour of music. It's probably my biggest and most complex work so far.  I really hope you like it, of course, any comments or reviews are more than welcome :)   Cheers!