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  1. Here is my better info 3d MMORPG SURVIVAL game that is on what ever engine y'all decide but I'm also needing it to be all custom stuff and I want cross platform
  2. I don't have much info but I do know alot about the subject and u just want to make me look bad so bye Not going to deal with people who don't know anything about me saying stuff like they know anything about code or ppl u have just showed u just want a reaction or to ruin ppl And I am interested in doing it
  3. golden creed

    Developer looking for a project

    I'd need ur help on a 3d sci-fi MMORPG leave ur Skype or what ever u use down below plz
  4. i need game coders, HTML coders, animators, and graphics designers for a MMORPG i want to make. msg me on here
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