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  1. godmachine33

    Brush-based CSG vs static mesh

    I don't know if it adds anything more than what everyone has already said, but here's a short article on the subject: What is the Difference Between Meshes vs Brushes in Unreal Engine 4? It's specific to Unreal but I think most of it applies in general.
  2. I'm curious to know what experienced web devs think of .NET Core. Is it a combination of 4.5 and MVC or is it more like a new MVC version with the concept of Forms being abandoned altogether? Does it introduce any radical new paradigms to web development or is it only incrementally different from MVC5?
  3. godmachine33

    Monty Hall Problem Code to Proof

    Haha. This concept was introduced at work (a non-programming job) one day and no one would believe it, so me and another coder coded the problem to show the proof and still no one wanted to believe it!
  4. godmachine33

    How to lose friends and alienate coworkers.

    Remind me to never get on your bad side!
  5. godmachine33

    Spaghetti code

    Spaghetti code is obsolete. Real programmers use ravioli code.
  6. godmachine33

    Introducing Myself

    Welcome Alvin! I'm new here myself.
  7. Hey everyone! I just launched a site for those who want to learn game development using Unreal Engine 4. It has a quick start guide for beginners and a Blueprint Node reference guide. What Node categories would you most want to see references for?
  8. godmachine33

    Which SEGA Games do You Love Most?

    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is awesome for about 5 minutes...then it's not
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