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  1. There is something I really want to know and it's super okay if it's a harsh truth, I know 98% of peeps only care for cool visuals and don't care for gameplay that's just the sad truth. But the visuals will come guys and gals ! it's just that I can't afford to make things super pretty when I'm trying to get the game working story wise and mechanic wise.  In the meantime, I really need some brave people to test my game and try to break it, report it to me and make it better. If you're truely want to help out an indie dev, then this is it !  If you got an iPhone, just PM me your apple email so I can invite you using Apple's TestFlight !  Thnx :)  
  2. V 0.980.9 is out !!   What's new?   Replaced some placeholder assets with other placeholders to achieve art consistency. Bob's state on kill table is now saved. Furnace will refuse to cook the fish without poison in Nightmare II Tons of little annoying things are now fixed !! +Improved performance +Improved UI ++ Nightmare III is getting more love! [ Not yet live]
  3. 0.970 is here !!! In this update I added the prologue level where Azlan enters his mind to discover the ultimate poison recipe but he ends up somewhere strange !!! [ can't say anymore cuz spoilers!]  + Tons of bug fixes and more.
  4. There seems to be a performance problem with the android version that's non-existence  on the iOS ( or at least on my phone) . and it's quite hard to remedy the solution without having access to a physical android phone on my side.  So you guys and gals are my only hope of reporting the problems to me.    Current issue is this :   When Azlan enters his mind after brewing a bad potion the entire environment but the UI goes black. I have implemented a black fog and it should clear the fog around the player and other objects but it seems to not do its job properly. On the emulator side, it's fine with huge fps drop though. However, it's just flawless on my iPhone 6s with no fps drop ! so yeah.
  5.   So you develop everything and the other person is just your meal ticket?   Haha , I may have undermined his usefulness, He does help with some game design elements and is working in the background to make the story as good as it gets. We want the narrative to drive the game whilst mechanics complement it.
  6. Hello guys and gals !  We are an independent studio of barely two people working on games . I do pretty much everything whilst Gladra pays for my lunch !  We were fortunate enough to have couple of peeps drop by and help us out here and there.    Have you ever wanted to own a house, specialise in something and find annoying people to kill ? Also love taking care of your cute pets on the side and become the ultimate serial killer of your town and then the entire world? Then Dark Wanderer Edge of nights is for you ! DW: EoN is a take on comedy dark life simulator about three characters in an alternate reality, who are trying to rediscover themselves with the help of an ominous entity known as the Dark Wanderer.  The game encapsulates a couple of gameplay features such as isometric life simulation, survivor, puzzles and platformer all connected to paint a unique story.  Dark Wanderer Pre-Alpha 0.967 Dark Wanderer: Edge of Nights is a take on simulation plus platformer runner with a twist.  Things to know:  [98% of the Art is placeholder]  This goes without saying, that this game is not ready and plenty of game features are not yet implemented. DW: EoN relies on some awesome animations that are currently missing from the game. Such as, poison effects and more.  Please help us make this game as fun and awesome as possible. So anything you can think of or see just ask and tell ! Azlan is the only playable character at this stage.  Things to do:  You are more than free to do whatever you like in the game. But here are some things you could try out: 1. Get all the crystals to unlock the delivery bonus in the skill tree page!  2. Buy a Cat! Buy every item in the shop 3. Don’t buy VPN at first 4. Subdue Bob and defeat him in Azlan’s nightmare level 2 [ finish line for testing]  Use the link below to download the pre alpha version for Android: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.edgeofnights.dweon  After playtime please fill out the survey below to help us make this game better. https://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/Efu1QErl  After iOS version? Don’t worry just email us your email to forge@edgeofnights.com to get an invite to play test the game on your iPhone using TestFlight.  Cheers, Raeion
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