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  1. Audio Integration into games?

    Thanks for the reply! Pretty much what I had hoped for so that's good to know :) Guess I just need to find some games to improve my Wwise/fmod knowledge with.
  2. Hi all,   I'm Callum, I'm 23 from the UK. I'm a newbie music composer and sound designer. I just finished studying Music Production at BIMM London and have been recently looking in to getting in to the video game industry.   I made a showreel of games that I have reworked to feature my own music and sound as a reference to my capabilities, which I will link at the bottom of this post.   At university I worked with wwise, fmod and unity, and so have some experience integrating music in to games on a basic but functioning level. I was kind of hoping that someone would be able to help me understand how it usually works for the indie game composers. For example, if I were to agree to do sound for a game tomorrow, what would generally be expected of me? Just the audio side of things and a basic understanding of audio integration or an in depth programming or coding knowledge? Are there any particular programs I would be fully expected to own, or does it completely vary from one project to another?   [Classified wording deleted by moderator] Thanks, Would love to hear your thoughts.   My Showreel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VHyVLYWECA
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