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  1. HOLY CRAP, I loved face of mankind and my only issue with it was the abusive staff/moderation. Thanks so much for sharing this, now I just need to divorce my wife, throw my indoor cats outside, and submit my resignation. -Former R6 of Eurocore, and Blood council member of MOTB
  2. conquestorbugged

    Thoughts on the new XBOX One X?

    I'm one of those people burned out on open world games, except with Prey, because anything Arkane studios touch turns to gold apparently. I've considered picking up a PS3 recently juts so I can play through a bunch of stuff I missed out on (Metal gear etc), but on the same hand I could just wait for rpcs3, and I mean, with every game getting remastered whose to say they won't just release a better version on PS4 within the next year or 2.
  3. conquestorbugged

    Where is this Hot Teacher Trend coming from?

    Things like this have always happened, as there's always been female pedophiles. It's just with more accountability/monitoring they're caught more often/news of them spreads farther now.
  4. conquestorbugged

    Thoughts on the new XBOX One X?

    The last console I bought was an xbox 360, and I've typically avoided the newer generations because they focus on gimmicky crap like motion controls/controllers.   So at least for me this generation seems to be a step in the right direction, but really I'm pretty spoiled now and I find it hard to play any game less than 100+ fps.   If there are some good exclusive games coming out, I'd consider getting a PS4 Pro/Xb1x, but most of what I've seen so far seems to be coming to PC and console.   I hate the switches controllers so that's pretty much out of the question.
  5. conquestorbugged

    I have been centrist/centre-left, Now I am going Right Wing

    There's definitely a rising fringe left enhanced by insulated university culture, and there's definitely a rising fringe right enhanced by newly formed tailored news sites.   The question is what the long term implications of both of these are. Odds are when people graduate college they'll grow out of "SJWism", and when people catch unreliable news outlets reporting incorrectly they'll drop those as well.   The more important question will be which parts of these ideologies will be assimilated into our larger cultures. I think at least from the fringe right there's going to be a very large mistrust of media organizations for decades.
  6. conquestorbugged

    I have been centrist/centre-left, Now I am going Right Wing

    The primary victims of ISIS' violence are Shiite Muslims. They've been talking/living together for thousands of years.   It has nothing to do with ethnicity/race, as White/Black Sunni Muslims pull the same crap.   There's actually an entire division of Asian Muslims in ISIS as well, if you google some of their propaganda they have a whole segment on them (I think just google "The flames of war + isis" and click the liveleak link)
  7. conquestorbugged

    What types of games would you like to see in the future?

    I want to see development become simple/widespread enough for great indie games like from the deths/kenshi to become the new norm.
  8. conquestorbugged

    I have been centrist/centre-left, Now I am going Right Wing

    Of course an ideology can be eradicated, but it's taken extreme measures in the past.   Want to end ISIS overnight? Kill 1/3 of the entire male population in ISIS controlled territory, and Flatten Raqqa. Emasculate Islam by bombing the Kaaba and killing any anti-Western Imam living around it as well. Jail anyone who protests against the strikes, and profile Muslims looking for people plotting revenge attacks.   But we as a society find it unpalatable for good reason, and instead we need a more moderate solution that mostly fixes the problem without causing too much destruction/restricting too many freedoms.   A travel ban won't work because most terrorists are home grown, profiling doesn't really work because people can always slip through the cracks, and we're not willing to put up with even more NSA spying.   Really, it's a tough question with no answer, but the best solution seems to be to help Arab forces end ISIS, while simultaneously doing community outreach to try and force integration. Many Muslim traditions have a very hard time reconciling/integrating with western culture (just look at how pissed people get when they see someone wearing a veil) so total integration probably isn't possible without forcing a change in the religion itself, similar to what the new pope's trying to do for Christianity.
  9. conquestorbugged

    Best comment ever

    This was in the code for a map editor in the game I bought the rights to.   http://i.imgur.com/eJf9FSF.png
  10. conquestorbugged

    Weird fears?

      Whoa, similar here. Ever since I can remember I've had nightmares pretty much every night (or at least I wake up panicked every morning. I can't really remember any normal dreams), which seem to manifest things I did during that day. For example watching sesame street would have me dream about being eaten by the elephant/dog thing, when I went to my friend's lake house I imagined him and his parents getting ripped apart by crocodiles, things like that.   I had to sleep during a 14 hour drive and my girlfriend and we ended up sleeping at a rest section in the middle of West Virginia's mountains, and had a dream where everything was frozen and a truck slammed into our car/knocked us off the side of a cliff. When we woke up, we were in the middle of a huge snowstorm on top of the mountains (think it was this one, but it may have been in 2013 https://usnews.newsvine.com/_news/2012/10/30/14804730-foot-of-snow-sandy-brings-blizzard-conditions-to-west-virginia?lite) At first I thought I was dreaming for a few seconds.   As for specific fears, being alone in or near woods when it's quiet out. I can't even sit through a minute of videos like it, even, and if I have to go through wooded areas (driving or walking) I'll blast music.
  11. *EDIT* This position is filled *EDIT*
  12. conquestorbugged

    Great Unity.3D tutorials

    Dude, those have like 3 views, why are you even bothering trying to pretend they're not your videos.
  13. conquestorbugged

    Trump and Russia (take 2)

      Kyle Odom accused a priest of being a shapeshifting alien from mars in disguise as a human to enslave the human race using special technology that made it impossible for normal humans to tell if he was an alien, then shot him 6 times with a .45 handgun, including once in the head point blank.   The priest survived the shooting and was back to work giving sermons 2 days after it, and Kyle's attorney isn't trying to get the case thrown out because of insanity incompetence.   Makes you wonder what the odds are for a normal human to survive something like that,  compared to a shapeshifting alien from mars.
  14. conquestorbugged

    Trump and Russia (take 2)

    It's more of a threat to Assad then something meant to dismantle his military. Trump's showing he's willing to kill people who drop chemical weapons (there's a chance even the pilot who did it personally has died, and he's surely lost some friends if not).   I'm willing to bet if chemical weapons are used again there will be cruise missiles fired off at Assad personally.
  15. conquestorbugged

    Extract assets from an old windows (1998) game

    Funny enough I started doing this exact thing about a month ago in order to try and get the games (fallen haven and Liberation day) working on Windows 10. 
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