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  1. loyalsheep

    Tiny Tweenies | RELEASED

    Download on Google Play! Promo: Hey guys! Take a look at our new game called Tiny Tweenies. It is an endless 2d runner game designed to ruin your mind. The twins are running like crazy and you need to help them overcome every obstacle. Swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide and tap to attack. It's that simple...not that simple when you play it.Make a highscore people! Be a Forrest Gump in this world of endless runner, if that makes any sense to you.Made with ♥ by loyalsheep. Screenshots:
  2. loyalsheep

    Fastest Dialler

    Get it on GooglePlay Fastest Dialler is a multiplayer game which lets you compete with your friend via hotspot or a random opponent over the internet in a number dialling race! Each match in Fastest Dialler has 5 rounds. In each round, you and your opponent will be given a random 7-digit number. Type the number as fast as you can in order to proceed to the next round. The one who completes all the rounds first wins the match. Unlock achievements, godly fingers, titles, cars and make your opponents see what you are capable of.In Fastest Dialler, you represent not only yourself but your country too. Earn rewards offline and score online. Features• Hotspot + Internet capability• Intuitive.• Increases your dialling speed.• Beautiful cars to choose from.• Godly Fingers• Awesome soundtrackThings you can earn• Godly Fingers automatically correct your wrong taps. You can use up to 5 godly fingers per match.• Your title lets your opponent know who he/she is dealing with.• You car represents your skills. Always have a great car, it makes your opponent nervous. Get it on GooglePlay made with ♥ by loyalsheep
  3. loyalsheep

    Fastest Dialler

    Album for Fastest Dialler
  4. loyalsheep

    Tiny Tweenies

    Album for Tiny Tweenies
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