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    [GameDevNetwork] Dragon Jam

    Hello there wonderful developer person! I heard a rumour that you gamedev like making games go figure. We run a partnered server over on Discord called GameDevNetwork for all things gamedev, whether that be in the form of code support, bouncing back story ideas or just sharing your lovely work. GDN is a friendly, supportive development community that aims to help you become the best developer you can be! Dragon Jam will be running from September 1st-10th. Beginner or AAA professional, we want you to be a part of our jam and learn, create and meet new people! Sign up here: https://itch.io/jam/game-dev-network-dragon-jam Oh hey, we're also sponsored by Trello, meaning all participants will be getting themselves 3 months of Trello Gold! Who are you though? I’m also an avid game jammer/hackathoner, feel free to poke me about AR/VR, code things or just some of the cool projects you’ve worked on heart!
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