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  1. Hey,we are currently working on a match 3 game with pixel art.If you are interested come here https://discord.gg/WYjRkC
  2. Hi,guys.I m working on a Fantasy RPG.Currently i m work alone on the project.I really need someone can make UI stuff.If someone can handle it please feel free to contact me on email: 270514974@libero.it. Thank you guys and sorry for my english.
  3. Hi guys,i decide to make a stickman combat game on UNITY 3D.I know,is really hard with a lot of animation and effect but i want to try.If anybody is familiar or good with stickman contack me EMAIL: 270514974@libero.it .Oh!!!I will make the coding part.Thanks for your attention and pantient and sorry for my english.
  4. Hi guys,i m looking for someone that can work with me on a "top-down" multiplayer fps as 2d and 3d artist.I used photon server and i can take the part of programming.For now i made only the basic gameplay of the game that include shooting,switch weapon and and damage player.If someone can help me please contact me via e mail: 270514974@libero.it.I really appreciate your collaboration and hope you have a good day.....Thanks for you time to read the postAt the bottom i attach some screenshot of the current game,i m sorry that i can't attach a video...
  5. Composer available for your games

    Hey, we are currently a 2d tower defence.If you are interested contact me 270514974@libero.it
  6. I can do the coding part.if you are interested contact me 270514974@libero.it
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