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  1. Little_Blind_Oyarsa

    Untitled VR Magic Duel Game

    I have added a few updates to this game and would really appreciate some feedback or ideas on the following: Features to add to the game Ways to improve development progress Ways to improve development updates You can find the most recent update here:   Thanks!
  2. Little_Blind_Oyarsa

    New Game Idea (Open World Action-Adventure RPG)

    So it's Bernie Sanders becomes Doctor Who and overthrows Donald Trump? I'll pre-order.
  3. Little_Blind_Oyarsa

    Wasn't sure where to post this: 2 questions.

      I'm guessing this is trolling, but if you disabled NAT (Network Address Translation), then you wouldn't be able to access the internet through the router.  NAT is what converts from a private address to a public address.  You would have to plug directly into the modem.   Did you maybe confuse NAT with Universal Plug and Play (UPNP)? You'd still be able to get online if NAT was enabled on the modem, if that idea feature provided by the ISP. I was simply stating the majority of the time it's because NAT is enabled on more than one device. I probably could have phrased it better., though.
  4. Little_Blind_Oyarsa

    Wasn't sure where to post this: 2 questions.

      I used to work tech-support for a local ISP. Nearly every time this was happening, it's because NAT was enabled on the router, or if you are using a wireless ISP, NAT was enabled on the wireless receiver. It is very likely not to be a game server issue or a problem with EA.  Look up on google how to disable NAT on your router, or contact your ISP and have them disable it on the modem if they have one that uses it.   If it's not that, it's possible that data usage may be heavy on your internet service from other people streaming Netflix, or downloading files. Things like that. Generally that isn't the cause, but if your ISP throttles your bandwidth to a max of 1.5Mbps (not 1.5MBps, big difference, believe it or not), then you might experience enough lag to get him kicked if anyone else is using heavy data while he is playing.   I suppose that depends on what you mean by "distinguish". But it seems you're referencing the way some environments are rendered. Open-World isn't exactly new, but it's definitely the latest form of gameplay as linear and branched storylines go. With VR on the rise, I can only imagine it's going to improve. Generations are becoming increasingly more desensitized to fantastic new realities, so they're finding better ways to improve immersion. It's exciting! With technology, the only way to go is up.
  5. Little_Blind_Oyarsa

    Untitled VR Magic Duel Game

    Hello, new friends! Obligatory first post nod. I figured I'd go all out and put my work on display, and dive in to making new connections and friends.  I'm currently in the baby stages of developing a game for VR in which you're a wizard/witch using spells, potions, and other sorts of magic to battle other witches and wizards. The primary weapons will not be the buttons, but instead, the gestures you make with your hands. The code is entirely math-based (no easy task!). Here is the link to the playlist for development (and a bit of a self-plug: I could really use some subscribers!), and the most recent video for development. I try to update at least 4 times a week. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFg1HTw1wGk2ikD9736VLiEem-jinuaD2 As any good programmer/developer should be, I'm always open to ideas for improvement, questions, and features that might make the game more fun!
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