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  1. That's funny I often found reading other people's work can often be the completely wrong way to learn.   The problem is that a lot of being a good programmer is learning techniques and options for doing things, when you just pick up some code and read it, unless you have a vague idea of what it is trying to do it can be really hard to follow along with it, particularly if it goes into a lot of other functions and things.   Some stuff you can learn from observation and I have picked up some ideas by seeing how people do things, but frankly the best way to learn is not to read code it is to write code. You learn best by running into a problem and then having to find a solution to it, you won't forget the solution after that.     I found it useful to buy complete projects on the asset store, then study them, and add new features. On one hand, you are completely right. For long I followed this guy's weird physics math. Which I changed. But on the other hand, I learned stuff like extension methods from others code.   Again you are right, writing code is the best way to learn, but I wanted to point out that since he has the code, he can use it to learn a lot :)
  2. Dakila

    Okey Dokey

    About the Game I wanted to learn game development through re-making of some of my favorite games... ... and boom, Okey Dokey was born.   My second game is inspired by the popular 'Okay?' by Philipp Stollenmayer, and I wholeheartedly believe I've put value in it.   I added few new types of figures (mechanics) like portals: [attachment=35078:Screenshot_720x1280_46.png] and shielded figures: [attachment=35077:Screenshot_720x1280_45.png] ... and I already have 2 new ready for future updates.   The goal in the game is to clear the board with one swipe, where each swipe launches a ball that interacts with the figures on board.   I hope you like it: Playstore Link Kongregate Link   About Me I am a Marketing student from Macedonia and last year I decided I want to change that. I started learning development in early 2016, and it was soon enough when I decided I want to stick to game development.   Now I am expanding my knowledge through the re-making of some of my favorite games. I worked alone on my 2 projects, and now I've teamed up with a 3D modeler for my next idea.   Feedback Points Please, if you have the time, let me know what you think of the: level design level balance game features sound FX      
  3. Dakila

    Slow rotate from point A to point B?

    Not tested coroutine, but there is no reason for it not to work. public IEnumerator RotateTowards(Transform transObj, Transform lookAt, float duration) {                 //Get current rotation Quaternion startRot = transObj.rotation;                 //Make a temporary gameObj with wanted rotation GameObject temp = new GameObject(); Transform tempTrans = temp.transform; tempTrans.position = transObj.position; tempTrans.rotation = transObj.rotation; tempTrans.LookAt(lookAt); Quaternion endRot = tempTrans.rotation;                 //Lerp with wanted duration float timeElapsed = 0f; while (timeElapsed < duration) { timeElapsed += Time.deltaTime; transObj.rotation = Quaternion.Lerp(startRot, endRot, timeElapsed / duration); yield return new WaitForEndOfFrame(); }                 //Destroy crunches Destroy(temp); }
  4. Dakila

    Advise for new devs

    Damn man I feel you. Sucks totally. Payoneer was my salvation too.   I hope you find yours.
  5. Dakila

    Advise for new devs

      Trust me, here in Macedonia we don't have Paypal or most online services either. We have only Visa Electron as a online paying method, and there is often a workaround. Also you can take a look at Payoneer, as I use it as a Payment method for many services, and it's free to order a debit card to arrive to you   . I am talking like small private courses where you pay and study with few people. But ok I understand fully as I have also trouble finding some here.   If you have a cool idea you believe in so much, maybe trying a publisher house is a good option.  If it's really cool, and you have a nice demo, you may get full funding and support and stuff. :) Good luck!
  6. Try switching the Up direction to the usual Vector3.Up, as some functions like PerspectivFovLH have axis specific parameters: public static Matrix PerspectiveFovLH(     float fieldOfViewY,     float aspectRatio,     float znearPlane,     float zfarPlane );
  7. What happens if you set camera position to new Vector3(1, -2, 1);
  8. Dakila

    Advise for new devs

    You see, I come from the Balkan Peninsula and same as you, I thought the same: I can't build a local team I can trust, and I felt overclocked trying to manage all parts of the dev process.    Well I was wrong. It's easy to find trustful local designers, or musicians, or whatever that can be part of your team. If you want to connect with people, enroll on a local development course or visit some other tech events where you'll meet people.   Yea, it's necessary to know all parts of the whole, but it'd be nice for you if you focus on what you love the most.   Also, don't be afraid to use freelancers, if you have the budgets. But even fiverr.com is awesome if you find the right gig: Once I spend 3 days to find my compile time exception, related with Unity plugins. Then I payed 5 dollars on fiverr, the guy solved it in 5 minutes, and explained to me what was the problem. I didn't fully get it in those 5 minutes, but I knew what to google to learn more.   For your info, I still work alone, only sometimes I share projects with a friend who is a animator. I personally am focused on programming, and marketing (mostly SEO).    But that's not because I couldn't find people, it's how I want it for now because contrary from you, all of my current projects are small :)     If you want to connect with people, go on a local development course or some other tech events where you'll meet people.
  9. First of all, in my opinion using var instead of strong type is really a bad practice. Yea, if you have a class named SomeVeryVeryVeryLongNameOfARandomClass then using: var i = new SomeVeryVeryVeryLongNameOfARandomClass(); is a ok, as you save a lot of typing. But using var i = Vector3.UnitZ; is just really bad. I have trouble understanding which variable is what.   Since I mentioned Vector3.UnitZ, and you say that it's your UP direction, then this part: // Set camera position slightly to the right (x), above (y) // and behind (-z) var cameraPosition = new Vector3(1, 1, -2); translates to: 1 to the right (1x) , one forward (1y) , and 2 below (-2z).
  10. If you know just enough programming (syntax and some basic concepts like call stack), reading other's work is epic for learning programming.   But if you are here to make money from that game, you'll really need to change it and give it some unique value. And if you don't know how to do that, as rip-off said it will definitely be a frustrating experience.
  11. Sorry I didn't read fully, deleted whole comment :)   I didn't know there are foreach loops in c++.   And even though I tend to be quick in reading, thus sometimes missing important stuff... ... I am very careful when choosing words, and I never said they are the same. I just said what other people said to me, and that is that they have lots of similarities.
  12. Since you are used to C++, may I have the freedom to suggest switching to C# for this particular project?   Honestly, I have close to zero C++ experience. But many of my friends suggest that they have many similarities. So, except your game really needs to be in C++, I honestly suggest switching to either Unity Engine or Unreal, whichever you prefer... ... while my personal favorite, especially for 2D project, is Unity.   Just think about it. Think garbage collector. Think foreach loop which is exceptionally useful in games.
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