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  1. alexhullmusic

    Looking for feedback on ambient orchestral track

    Thank you everyone, I guess what Im seeing here is that this is a good piece, but it's just more suited for other things besides a menu theme. I'll work on that in the future!
  2. alexhullmusic

    OpenSource RPG Maker Soundtrack, Feedback welcome

    I must say, I'm really impressed with this! Doesn't feel too restricted, and it has a ton of interesting transitions and changes. I like the way the opening theme evolves as well, sounds very adventurous. One issue I have with the field theme: I'd recommend you change the guitar that plays the harmony to something else more suited to that, maybe like pizzicato strings. It might just be an issue with the midi quality, might be something worth looking into. Regardless, it still sounds really awesome. I'd recommend trying to mess with the volume and modulation settings on your instruments where it sounds more like a real orchestra. Fantastic work overall!
  3. alexhullmusic

    Looking for feedback on ambient orchestral track

    Thank you for the feedback!
  4. This is my first time attempting an ambient track, I would picture this being used for the background of some kind of menu screen. It's also important that this piece isn't too distracting and that this piece sounds atmospheric. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated.
  5. Hello, my name is Alex Hull. I am an orchestral soundtrack composer of 4+ years and I am looking for any gaming project to get experience and work in the gaming industry. My website is http://alexhullmusic.com, my YouTube is https://youtube.com/channel/UCQ1mzfMGHvts9uXVhJb_1cg, and my SoundCloud is https://soundcloud.com/operation-solace I already have experience working with other game dev studios, and I am a native-born English speaker. If you want to get in touch, contact me at alexjhull@gmail.com
  6. alexhullmusic

    Need an artist and a musician.

    I can write orchestral music, my website is http://alexhullmusic.com If you are interested, contact me at alexjhull@gmail.com
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