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    [PC, Linux, Mac] Heroes of Delum, Coop 3D

    Hey everyone The day has come, Heroes of Delum is officially getting released tonight on Steam!! It's been a long way, in fact it's been 3 years that my friend Chy and I have started working on this project. Since it's my first game on Steam, it goes without saying that I am very emotional and nervous!! It was a great experience and we learned so much. This is the link to the Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/676700/Heroes_of_Delum/ And this is our new trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TyhD-912Pc The game costs 5€ during the first week, after that 7€. See you on the Delum plains!
  2.   Link to the alpha Demo: https://delumstudios.itch.io/heroes-of-delum Link to Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=873677060   Heroes of Delum - real-time strategy, single and multiplayer co-op game. Play as 1 to 5 friends and survive together! Being inspired by the Kodo Tag custom map/scenario from Warcraft 3, which is one of its popular "mod", we decided to work on releasing a dedicated game around the concept, with lots of changes and variations, both in theme and gameplay.   You play a nameless hero who fights against near endless hordes of monsters that spawn from a magic portal created by the dark forces of Delum.   Your only goal is to survive: collect resources, build defenses, upgrade your character. Win, using your brawn and brains, and the help of your friends!       1 to 5 players online co-op Requires skill and thinking Randomly occurring events for a dynamic gameplay Difficulty levels from cake to hellish nightmare! More game modes to come A variety of enemies with different strengths to overcome Different world environments ...and ninja cats!       We are a very small independant team of 2 dedicated game developers who want to share our gaming passion around the world! We already have developed several games, this one being our latest and most complete. The work continues on Heroes of Delum but the actual version is more than playable and contains most of the game's features that we intended to create.   In advance thanks for your comments and input and please do have fun!   Official Website Facebook Twitter  
  3. delumstudios

    [PC, Linux, Mac] Heroes of Delum, Coop 3D

    We did it! Heroes of Delum got Greenlit on Steam! Thank you so much for your support and faith in us. We are polishing the game and are working right now on the necessary steps to release it. Here are some of the points in our list: Steam integration (friends, badges, cards, achievements...) Global chat on Main Menu to encourage community and group forming Rewarding XP/ranking system Cross-platform playing Graphics polishing A more in-depth and guided tutorial Stay tuned!
  4. delumstudios

    [PC, Linux, Mac] Heroes of Delum, Coop 3D

    Hello :)   The version 0.24.2 is online!   Want to be rewarded for saving an ally? See which one of your friends thinks only for himself? How many monsters you've killed? Now at the end of a game all this will be displayed for every players to see. Get that satisfaction of being the most helpful player and display it to your whole team!     Along with lots of small changes. More details in this article.   You can download the game for free on itch.io.   Until then :p
  5. delumstudios

    [PC, Linux, Mac] Heroes of Delum, Coop 3D

    Hey! We received lots of feedback concerning our website that could be improved a lot, so we decided to make a new version. And today this new version is online!   www.heroesofdelum.com   The v2 has a brand new design and is more community oriented. We will regularly document the development of the game as a devblog.   See you soon :)
  6. delumstudios

    [PC, Linux, Mac] Heroes of Delum, Coop 3D

    Hi guys    We just released a new demo!   The core changes of this version are: Anyone can now host a game without forwarding a port There are now shrines placed on the map that sometimes spawn enemies. Deactivate them! Enemies drop meat that heal you. A timer on the top-left corner of your screen will inform you of the next incoming type of enemies.   ...along with lots of tweaks and bug fixes that you can read on our indiedb article.     As always, the game is available for each PC, Linux and Mac here: https://delumstudios.itch.io/heroes-of-delum   If you want you can vote for us on Steam Greenlight, it would help a lot :)   See ya 
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