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  1. Blank Programmer.

    Well, ive never really had the "I only know how to use this one thing" as I mostly learnt to program without using any engines etc and building from the ground up.. But in terms of feeling like youre stuck with Unity.. why not just try some other engines, they're free for the most part.. Unreal is a free download.. Cryengine is a free download .. and its then just a case of learning how to do what you want in the new engine. With the above statement said, even if you program right now using things like Transform etc provided by unity, if you know what the function is doing in terms of "you use it to do x" .. you can always google specific things like that and learn how to do them without the "crutch" And with people hating Unity ... a fair few probably do.. a lot of people have gripes / hate Cryengine too .. but both of them are pretty solidly capable engines .. and the real point is .. use the tools that fit you the best.. not what someone else said they like / dislike
  2. DX11 DirectX 11 , Where to start?

    The examples in frank's book (along with many others) are indeed out of date so wont compile / work fully, there is a potential workaround as listed on Frank's site at ( This can allow you to work through the code you need with some minor changes. Though as said it is a workaround so isnt using DX11 in the most "up to date" of ways. You can however look at how things are done previously and compare that to how they are done now, many functions etc still have similar names / ways of doing things with just a little bit of moving around and playing with old code to update it.. can also just be fun in itself ;o
  3. Is MSAA affected by drawing order?

    MSAA doesn’t actually improve on supersampling in terms of rasterization complexity or memory usage. At first glance we might conclude that the only advantage of MSAA is that pixel shader costs are reduced. However this isn’t actually true, since it’s also possible to improve bandwidth usage. Recall that the pixel shader is only executed once per pixel with MSAA. As a result, the same value is often written to all N subsamples of an MSAA render target. GPU hardware is able to exploit this by sending the pixel shader value coupled with another value indicating which subsamples should be written, which acts as a form of lossless compression. With such a compression scheme the bandwidth required to fill an MSAA render target can be significantly less than it would be for the supersampling case.
  4. Is MSAA affected by drawing order?

    You could just jump onto the Wiki page for multisampling it has a full descriptive comparison between MSAA and SSAA and why MSAA is fairly less resource / computation heavy, it even goes into a brief comparison with FXAA etc as well
  5. flip

    Well that seems just about as arrogant and incorrect of a statement as you can get. I work with a guy who has been doing the same job as me since I was about 4 years old, I still teach him new ways to do things because things are always evolving, and new ways / better ways to do things are being created.
  6. How do you balance gaming and game dev?

    Hmm, see for me outside of work at the moment I only have a few hours a day (or less) that I can actually dedicate to game dev work, though on the weekends that goes up a lot of course. But the reason for my lack of time is working full time as a software engineer, and finishing a part time Comp Sci & Maths Degree, so essentially.. so the extra time spent game dev wise while small for me right now.. I think is more than enough due to well.. the fact basically my entire day is living in code lol
  7. Hobby: How do you finish your projects?

    Hmm, one thing I tend to do is work out roughly how long I think it will take, and I tend to only go for projects I feel I can actually achieve, that and I keep everything im working on written on a whiteboard so I always have it in front of my face reminding me to work on it. But how long are we talking about that it takes before youre losing interest? if its like a week or two then it seems like the issue just may be the project isnt something you want to work on.. if its a few months then yeah, you may just need a break before getting back into it.
  8. [Marcus] Bored, trying and failing with my wacom xD

    That's actually not too bad .. I mean comparing it to my own art .. I really cant draw at all ;p
  9. Can you draw characters, can you draw swords, can you draw.. cucumbers? Then there is a good chance I could use your help! So basically guys, my weird little mind decided to have some fun so has a hobby project mapped out called "That's Not A Weapon" - the overall theme being a multiplayer brawl style game with a rather.. fun weapon set, in terms of overall arty style thats going to really come down to the artist because its something totally undecided as of yet. In terms of requirements, what needs to be created is obviously a range of about 8 unique characters (Again, giving some creative freedom here though will chat through ideas and such), a range of weapons.. and then some backgrounds and tilesets for the creation of the levels. Overall goal of the project so far is really just looking at a fun yet kinda odd portfolio piece, though who knows.. may take it further if it turns out well. Feel free to get in touch if you're interested - Discord is Gibbon#9230 and email is
  10. How do you balance gaming and game dev?

    Yup, Would have to agree with Kylo fully on this one - There really arent enough hours, since getting a full time development job my gaming hours of course dropped right down.. and since changing job to one with slightly longer hours I tend to be at a stage now where I rarely game during the week and if I do its only for a couple of hours. Don't tend to game all that much on the weekend either as I spend the time working on other things now really, so unless a group of my friends are getting together for a proper gaming session on a weekend.. there tends to be a very small amount of actual gaming that happens in my life now compared to the what.. near endless hours in gaming before work. And I do think being a gamer can help, though you dont HAVE to be gamer to create good games, all you really have to do is be able to come up with a good idea and implement it ... or if you work at a larger studio .. just have the knowledge to build the idea someone else comes up with.. at which point really.. you dont need to know about gaming at all.. just how to build the things someone tells you ;p
  11. Nobody Wants A Cybergod?

    I dont think anyone has yet Argued that Rube isnt some revolutionary breakthrough in gaming ... what people have argued is.. the very little youve said so far.. already exists, the slightly more youve elaborated on just either isnt possible technically yet due to hardware limitations, or just doesnt work in a non turn based environment ... And then the rest of rube you refuse to share because "someone will steal it" ... so you may be the best game designer ever... but your refusal to share the design, makes that a moot point entirely ... I mean, if I told you that I know how to cause perfect cell replication in the human body... but im not going to share that... it just seems likely that I havent.. and even if I have.. its a moot point... You mostly, from your posts here just seem like inconsistent ramblings about how old turn based board games are better than modern games and how you like simulations ... If you actually divulged some details to what makes rube special instead of just "because its special" .. then ya know.. people may take you more seriously
  12. Nobody Wants A Cybergod?

    No but.. for real.. what I dont get is how .. he is trolling this hard or just doesnt see the catch 22 ... the insistence that we should "know how important rube is" yet also the "im not going to say what rube actually is" .. having read through a fair bit of the content he's posted cause I get bored sometimes.. rube seems to just be another simulation game? like what makes it special hasnt been divulged as he doesnt want it stolen .. yet he doesnt see how that hinders people being interested
  13. Resources to get good at math?

    Would agree with Lactose that Khan academy do tend to do a good job of actually breaking down and explaining the areas so its a great resource even if it annoys you ;p In terms of other ways to learn there are a bunch of apps like Math Theory that cover most of the areas you would need, its literally just a bunch of text about each area (no exercises) so its not the ideal, but it does explain things in a fairly easy to understand way. Outside of that it would just be a case of grabbing some books on whatever topics youre struggling on, not understanding matrices look up some more books on them, its mostly about finding one that explains it well in a way that you understand, though its hard to say what book / resource would do that for you... plus you can never have too many books ya know
  14. Weird fears?

    Hmm, so my weird fear is sort of a "combo", I mean on their own I'm not scared of garages, or wolves particularly - however I do have a rather specific fear that whenever I open a door into a garage (not the main door, like the one between the house an garage) there are going to be like a pack of wolves .... really not sure why there would ever be wolves waiting to attack me in a garage, but thats where my mind always goes when I have to open garage doors
  15. looking for a little advice on a course

    So guys, wasnt 100% sure on where to post this but since its about education / courses to learn the beginner section seemed appropriate, So I have a fair understanding of game related math & can learn on my own, but have essentially got the chance at the moment to finish a degree freely with Maths added in as part of it .. so since its an option, may as well take it right (being free an all that). Question is, which topic area would you guys find to be more useful out of the two potential pathways below: Pathway One: Group Theory, Linear Algebra, Analysis (sequences, continuity, limits, differentiation, integration, power series) Number Theory, Groups, Numbers & Rings, Metric Spaces, Rings & Fields Pathway Two: Motion Of Particles moving under the influence of known forces, undamped oscillations, motion of particles in space, forced vibrations of particles, vector calculus Properties of a fluid, Ordinary Differential Equations, First-Order partial differential equations, Vector field theory, kinematics of fluids, bernoullies equation, vorticity, flow of a viscous fluid, second order partial differential equations, fourier series, laplace's equation, Water waves, Boundary layers and turbulence So a fair amount of things thrown out and both pathways pretty useful in their own ways, just looking for some thoughts, as I will likely put in the effort to study up on the other side of things either way.. just not getting an official qualification for it ;p