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  1. Hello! I'd like to find a programer to help with a small game titled "Medrew's Elogy". It's a lite, somewhat prescision platformer, with a focus on story and platforming. I want to build the game using GameMaker Studio 2, as it's what I'm familliar with. I specificly want help with collision, physics, and graphics. I want to build the game in GML. I can do alot myself; the three things I mentioned are what I don't yet understand well enough to implement in a resonable ammount of time. But any other assistance would be appreciated. I want to learn to be a better programmer by making things. if you're interested, please reply here. Thanks! <3
  2. I need a simple font for my game.  I couldn't find anything with the right license that also matched my game's style. I'll need A-Z, 0-9, and punctuations. If you're interested, please contact me here for more information:  searousx20@gmail.com Thank you for reading, - Searous 
  3. Hello everyone!  I want to make a game called A Quest for Candy Princesshood, in which the player plays as a normal girl in a kingdom who wants to be a princess...so she's going to kill the king and anyone standing in her way to do it.  The game would be a souls-like, with a cheerful art style, with dark undertones in the lore. I would like to not do an 8-bit "retro" style, however, the artist can decide this one. The music should be simple and happy outside of boss battles and more intense during them. Anyone up for it?  The point of this game is to have fun with it, therefor my requests won't be too demanding.  I'll accept any help, regardless of weather or not you are what I'm specificly looking for here.  Thanks for reading!
  4. Hello everyone!  I have an idea for a game (more details on that below), and I have the ability to do most of the work myself.  However, I lack the skills to create art, music, or shaders for the game.  If at all possible, I'd like to find someone to do those three things, so I can focus on the code and not get in over my head as I've done in the past. Game Information The core concept is that a normal girl in a kingdom of candy wants to be a princess...so she's going to murder the king, and anyone who gets in her way.  Then she will make her father the king, and be a princess.  Yeah, it's weird, I know. The game will be called A Quest for Candy Princesshood (however, the name may change) and it will be a 2D side-scrolling souls-like.  Currently, the game will be rather short for a game in this genre, ideally taking 1-3 hours to complete, based on player skill level, on first playthrough.  However, the success of this post will somewhat determine the scope of the game.   The general feel of the game should be happy and cheerful, with dark undertones in the lore. People and the Project Team The minimum possible team: 1 Programmer (me) 1 Artist 1 Graphics Designer / Graphics Programmer (i.e. GLSL Shaders) I could live with these volunteers, through the scope of the game would not be affected in this case. The team I want: 2 Programmers (1 is me) 1-2 Artists 1 Graphics Designer / Graphics Programmer (i.e. GLSL Shaders) 1 Musical Artist / SFX Designer (royalty free content would be fine, though) 2+ QA / Play Testers If we can gather these people, and maybe more, the scope of the game would go beyond a "for fun" project.   Anything not listed as a role above, I can handle myself, however feel free to volunteer your skills regardless.. Keep in mind that this is just a guideline.  The more people, the better, for the most part. Development Environment The game will be developed in the 2D game engine GameMaker: Studio.  This software is free.  All devs will be expected to use the provide source control repository for submitting their work.  This excludes asset submissions.  All devs will be asked to join a Discord server for development communication, and general discussion.  I'd like the team to, somewhat, get to know eachother. Planned Content Here is a helpful, billeted list of the features of the game: 2D side-scrolling souls-like (most implications apply) Preferably, a single map or seamless loading transitions 4 Required bosses, 1 optional boss (may change based on the team acquired) 7 unique enemies (may change based on the team acquired) Some character customization (armor-less character colors) Equipped armor, and weapons should appear on the player's character 5 areas for the player to explore (may change based on the team acquired) A way to improve your equipment Addition features that I do not foresee being implemented, but would be nice. NOTE these will only be worked on if  the dev team wants to, and should not be viewed as required features for the game's release: Co-op / PvP  A New Game+ feature Multiple endings A way to customize all equipment Volunteer Information Accept Status:  OPEN Submission Deadline:  March 30th, 2017 Here is a volunteer submission template.  You don't have to use this.  You may simply use it as a guideline.  Provide as much or as little information as you desire. Preferred Name:         Acceptable Roles:      Best Role:                 I will PM you if you have been accepted.  it's likely that you will be, unless people go nuts over this game concept. Conclusion If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  I tend to forget very basic information when it comes to posts like this, so please point out anything I may have forgotten to include. Thanks for reading the post, and I look foreword to your feedback.
  5. Hello!  I'd like some help designing/finding music, sound, and some fancy graphics for my game.  The game is a 2D bullet hell style twin stick shooter in which the player fights a boss.  The game will have a detailed story, told across multiple difficulties of the game.  The game is built on the GameMaker engine. Here is what I have of the game so far:   For music and sound, I'll need to give more information to those who want to help. For visuals, all I really need is a shader that makes every thing look like it's made of crystal.  However, if you'd like to make some of my terrible sprites look better, feel free to ask about it.
  6. Hello!  If you still need a UI designer, I might be able to help there.  I can design your UI, however I cannot implement it as I am not familiar with the Unreal engine.  I use an analytical approach to design, taking form many of gaming's most successful titles, and putting my own twist on things.  If you want unique, well thought out UI, look no further. Here is a UI I've designed in the past: http://i.imgur.com/GY4K1Dx.png 
  7. Hello!  I am Searous.  I'm a "programmer in training", meaning I'm trying to get some more experience before I start working on my own projects.  I like your concept, and you've really got some talent.   I'm good enough that I could tackle your game concept, though I will need to learn a lot in order to make it happen.  I know how to structure the game, so this shouldn't be detrimental to the development of the game.  I would be best at the core mechanics, such as win/lose conditions, resource gather/management, and anything else that isn't AI or graphics.  I can do HUD though. My preferred development environment is Java or GameMaker. Here is a WIP game I've been working on alone, as a way to judge my capabilities:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/d2gkh8j4zkr323t/AG-Test.exe?dl=0
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