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  1. TashaLouiseArt

    do i need to build my own assets

    As the others have said, you don't necessarily need artistic skill to be a good level designer. Perhaps you should look into getting to know how to use unity and gain some technical artist skills. technical artists basically link the artists and programmers. From my experience, the team would get an idea of what should be implemented from the project lead, then the team gets together to draw up the levels together. The lead would then approve or not.
  2. TashaLouiseArt

    Advice on 2D RPG Environments?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions :] I ended up taking the layered approach with the art and made some decent floors, walls, and interactive assets for the level.
  3. TashaLouiseArt

    Advice on 2D RPG Environments?

    Hello! I'm making a game with a friend of mine for a class. I'm in charge of the art, while he handles the coding. So far, I've got character designs, some assets, story, and a rough idea of what areas I want to create. Once drawing the ideas, I come up stuck. I've got a bunch of assets drawn and my enemies and NPCs, however I run into the problem of not knowing how I'm supposed to compose the rooms and areas. The player is able to move forward(toward camera), backward(away from camera), and left and right. How would you guys suggest I create my environments? should I just draw the environment, or should I make a bunch of assets to add into a basic ground design? I've got about two weeks to finish my end of this and I'm stuck on environments. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. TashaLouiseArt

    New Game Idea (Open World Action-Adventure RPG)

    I like the concept of finally having a steampunk based world(closest I've seen is Bioshock series), but honestly I'm not sure how you'll be able to do all this by yourself by christmas. Sure you've got assets and animations done, but you still have to think about coding, story writing, environment design, not to mention the hundreds of hours of playtesting to make sure your game works and is fun.    I'd suggest toning it down a bit. I also have the problem of trying to be overly ambitious even though I mostly just focus on the 2D art aspect of making games. I suggest starting with just trying to create your demo for now which would probably run as your game's tutorial level. You could then continue building on top of that. Try to really think about level design and how the gameplay would be from a player's perspective. If the game doesn't work as far as being a fun game, it'd be better to just scrap it. 
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