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  1. ChasinTheTrane

    Youtube for developer, any tip ?

    If you make good content, the people will come...eventually. Make each video better and you'll be well on your way to success.  Also: Watch as many other channels in your field as possible. Use them for ideas or even for collaboration opportunities. Learn a bit of Youtube SEO. Make your videos as interactive as possible. Give people a reason to comment.  Call to actions may feel spammy but they work. Tell your audience to subscribe and like your videos.
  2. ChasinTheTrane

    Game development is not easy?! Motivation!

    Keep pushing! I'm currently a best man and I had NO idea how much goes into a wedding. My friend has a florist now -- something I never even thought would be a possibility. 
  3. ChasinTheTrane

    What do you listen to while indie devving?

    If I'm working on something that needs a lot of focus, I'll go with Brian Eno or something else ambient. If not, jazz and rap.
  4. Hey guys! I just wanted to share that BadLand Game is offering a pre-order deal for The Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition on PS4, the physical version of the game coming out this year!   The Sexy Brutale is a Groundhound Day-style puzzle adventure game set in a mansion of the same name, where you must use your attention to detail to stop several murders from happening. Here is the trailer if you want to check it out:   The pre-order includes an exclusive six-page comic book or an exclusive art book that features unreleased images and concepts. It also includes the official soundtrack and a full-color manual of the game. You can find more information here: http://badlandindie.com/the-sexy-brutale-full-house-edition/ Did anyone pick up the digital version that was released yesterday? Do you have any thoughts or feedback? UPDATE: There has been a delay on the NA release of the Full House Edition. It's still launching this year and we'll post more details soon! Thanks everyone for understanding.
  5. ChasinTheTrane

    Artworks for the fantasy video game

    This is hilarious and awesome! Thanks for sharing your process!
  6. ChasinTheTrane

    Good keyboard for programming and gaming

    If you're looking for something cheap, I like the Magicforce 68.
  7. ChasinTheTrane

    A meditation trick to clear your mind

    I've been trying to meditate every day with my hot cup of coffee. It has helped so much with anxiety! It's definitely worth the 1 (oh yeah there's plenty of 60 second guided meditations) to 30 minutes a day. 
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