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  1. theres many games already on mobile that use the Virtual Joystick. If you're using Unity, just to a simple search on asset store for mobile input controller, it contains a lot of the basic code. and you can modify it for your player. declare a variable like protected Joystick joystick; void Start() { joystick = FindObjectOfType<Joystick>; } you can then start modifying what axis you want to be affected by the joystick
  2. MobilityWins

    Special Effects For Games

    holy crap u have a lot of stuff I can learn from
  3. MobilityWins

    Toltec and the mysteries of the secret island

    this looks pretty good for a platformer, is it going on mobile or pc/console?
  4. In Archer Voice: You Want to have Spaghetti Code? Cuz that's how you get spaghetti code
  5. MobilityWins

    Unity Level Designer needed ASAP

    Hi sorry for the late reply, you can contact me through or if you can give me your email I will invite you to the unity collab and you can pull the project
  6. MobilityWins

    {Rev-Share} Looking for C# Unity Devs

    I am slightly interested, but its a hard choice, I'm trying to develop my own game right now too lol. I work more on the coding aspect of unity
  7. MobilityWins

    My first videogame

    I was getting the feel of slenderman too. Almost exact same flash light, not saying its bad, it could be fun with work. But yes the earlier statement about sound design is very much correct, when sound is compounded on correctly, it changes the whole experience of the game. An example would be how much less fun I had with slenderman if I turned the sound off lol. Maybe the character is already half mad and starts seeing things that don't mix lol
  8. Time to Marble is a game I have been working on and expect to have a product ready for release by the end of 2019, but in order to make sure I can reach that dream, passion, and goal, I will need a designer so that I can give more focus to the coding and mechanics aspect. Revenue Share is promised at the release of the game to the Designer that joins and helps me reach this release. I am Using Unity, and also have ProBuilder as an asset that helps bridge polygons between 3d modeling and unity.
  9. Game Title: "Time To Marble" Hi everyone. I'm looking to get together a team to conduct a collaborative project on Unity. I have the ideas and I will be studying the game code, design of levels in every bit of my spare time to get this completed by the end of 2019. However if There is an experienced Blender 3d level designer or texture designer I would very much like to have you on the team and discuss the ideas I have come up with so far while also listening to yours. If anyone has played the regular Nintendo game called "Marble Madness" That is the original inspiration of my game. The intention is to release this game free, with ads, while providing and ad free version for a small price. I am open to speak with anyone on the side just let me know.
  10. can I also? im definitely looking to work on some hobby projects with a team and get more experience on team based development.
  11. Hi. I have a bachelors degree in computer science and have had experience working with an indie company as only the producer however I want to be on a team where I can build and learn coding techniques with other programmers, separating tasks efficiently. My main language is C# that has had the most "jive" with me since I first started learning.
  12. do you have any experience with 3D?. my idea is a trial type of game but from a marble's perspective. you control the marble and go through obstacles to reach the end, and everything will look much bigger to scale the view from the marble. I use Unity.
  13. MobilityWins

    Looking for indie projects (Unity)

    Sure thing, my email is I also have discord MobilityWins #8930
  14. Oh I don't really know, I just was curious on how people go about working with multiple engines, what benefits there are.
  15. this might be a dumb question, but for the open source bullet physics engine, is there a capability of merging the engine with Unity as well?
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