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    Thanks everybody....today i work with Blender at first time....and drawing a little bit. Soon i will upload my progress to get your opinion. Repeat...thanks everybody. I´m in a spanish forum like this...but i have no answer, and this forum...a lot of answer....:D
  2. ioroboros


    So, teaches a bit of a everything. These courses are for personal experience and count little to nothing on a portfolio. If you have the money, then do take it, there is a lot of things you don't know yet that they can teach.     Yes, easy don't use a tutorial unless you attempted it on your own first; that is advice for any thing in live. I am a 3D artist so I can teach you 3D. [spoiler] First thing, download your software; I recommend Blender. Then make a very simple object, a pen, a glass any object you can see and hold. Now, I know what you are thinking: "How do I even start making a pen or what ever?" That is the whole point, if you start by just pressing buttons and doing random things, then you will know what to look for when watching a beginner tutorial. You will look to see what is pressed to make objects appear, what is pressed so that you can change a object and so forth. Once you are able to make a simple object, without a tutorial, you can upload it here or message me and I will advice you on the next step. I teach new 3D modelers a lot in my work, I am really willing to help, if we do it this way you can learn how to make models without needing to watch a tutorial every time. [/spoiler]   Well, thanks a lot!! very useful your answer. I´m going to download Blender and i will start. When i make a object i will upload here.  Thanks a lot!
  3. ioroboros


    ioroboros, what is your question? A. Should I do it? B. Can I? Does such a program exist?   Should i go? The formation takes 10 month....i have no experience. With this formation and a lot of work by myself....it´s possible get a job in his world?
  4. ioroboros


    That's what, 22 days- 60 days, for learning all there is to 3D modeling? I don't think it's possible in such a short time. Most 3D schools give a 3 year school syllabus, although you could make arrangements. I want to point out that the online classes are often software specific classes, so a month course to learn 3DS Max or Maya, however they don't really teach the principles of general 3D modeling; only how to work with that software. Knowing how to use 3D software and knowing how to make 3D models, are as different as knowing, how to use a pencil and paper, is to knowing how to draw.   I would recommend giving it a try, however don't do any thing drastic. If you need 3D modeling advice you can always send me a message. Thanks for your message. I want to explain that this academy is for  ART for Videogames..(concept art, design, etc). They learn a little of modeling, 3d, 2d, etc.  I would learn by myself looking for tutorials, etc...but...i´m a little bit lost.   Can you help me?
  5. ioroboros


    hello i´m 35 years old. I have an stable job and i´m paying a home. My real passion is drawing and play videogames since i was a child. My question is if....is it a real opcion to study a Art for Videogames Master?...520 hours. With my age  it would be very difficult to find a job as concept artist...animator 2d or 3d, etc.? I have no formation in 3D or developing games, only drawing. I will wait your answers!   Thanks a lot in advance and...sorry for my english!
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